They say that sometimes models have an attitude and nowhere can that possibly be more true than when your models have fur and their shooting location is at the vet. That being said, these little critters that you’re about to see did a fantastic job with minimal whimpering or sad looks (just a few). And the whimpering was kind of adorably ridiculous because all we did was pet them and put them on a table. One of the dogs had to take a bath (have mercy) and the other had to get his paw wrapped in a bandage (the horror!) but all received multiple treats and pets and “who’s a good boy” and so they recovered quickly. The MVP of the entire show was a cat named Stinky who likes to lay on her back and was placed on the CT scan table with no struggle whatsoever in the strangest showing of cat-calmness at the vet that I’ve ever witnessed.

And maybe that’s because these animals are all calm and wonderful. Or maybe it’s because they were at All 4 Paws Animal Hospital knowing that Dr. Hilarie Jerauld and Dr. Emily Dorsett are totally awesome ladies who love what they do and all of their little furry clients. We had the pleasure of working with them back in 2011 and were so excited to give them updated website pictures of their new office and little friends. It’s wonderful to see clients’ businesses growing and succeeding, especially when they’re taking such good care of the local critters. :) Their clients absolutely love them, so if you’re in Apex and looking for a vet, look no further. So happy to work with these folks again!

Promo: Author Brenda Rufener

This was so exciting, you guys! Brenda Rufener is a young adult author who is having her novel Where I Live published by HarperCollins in 2018. We were kindly asked by her to photograph her book jacket headshot and we said YES because BOOKS. So Brenda’s smiling face will greet you from a Barnes & Noble next year and my name will be next to said smiling face in some otherworldly, Twilight Zone twist of fate. Very exciting. We spent the afternoon making her look very **AUTHOR**. Book jacket headshots are very, very tight headshots for some reason. The industry standard being from the shoulders and above or waist and above (although we did some wider ones for her promo materials as well). So we ran around and zoomed in SUPER CLOSE on Brenda and talked about books and about how REM is one of the best bands of all time. She gets to go on a book tour and have her books in libraries and all sorts of really cool book stuff. We’re so happy to have done these headshots for such an amazing woman, and to have a wonderful author amongst us in Durham! Check out Brenda’s website for more information!

CSP Class of 2016.

As we finally bid this dumpster-fire of a year that is 2016 adieu, we take a moment to happily remember that while things went crashing and burning swiftly after David Bowie died, that not all of the year was bad. We personally had a lot of happy memories working with these happy people that we love and cherish. CSP had a wonderful year thanks to everyone in this post. A huge heartfelt congratulations to all of our clients on their weddings, anniversaries, children, pets, engagements, families, and all milestones large and small that we helped celebrate with you all this year. WE’RE SENDING A BIG HUG TO ALL OF YOU. A big, sweaty, gone-on-too-uncomfortably-long hug. May the odds of 2017 be ever in your favor. Congratulations to the CSP Class of 2016!

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