I Assure you; We’re Open!


Hey guys!

As a lot of you know via our Facebook page, our web host had a major, epic fail and kinda sorta maybe lost our stuff. Our full working website and blog combo has been down for 6 days as we’re writing this (that totally sounds like we’re lost at sea or some other intense survival situation).

Because this is wedding book season, we rebuilt the website from scratch on our new, significantly more reliable web host that we switched to. The old web host is in the process of trying to retrieve our blog files for us, but it’s going to take some time. They won’t give us an ETA and their responses leave something to be desired, so we’re doing the best we can until we can fully recover all the aspects of the website from them.

Just to reassure everyone who might not understand the interwebs and computarz, this incident is completely unrelated to our own backups of our work  and clients’ photographs. We did NOT lose any of that stuff… this is an entirely different issue which is beyond our control and has to do with the website – NOT our photos (we still have 4 different backups of all your stuff and your files are all resting comfortably and safely).

So what’s working?

The contact page, pricing page, about us page, and our portfolio (listed under Favorites) in the left-hand bar are all functional. Please check out the portfolio and our Facebook page to see our work! You can still contact us and you can still book us for weddings and portraits.

What is the web host still trying to recover for us?

They’re working on recovering the blog content, the client sections, and the administrative tools. Essentially, our clients still unfortunately cannot see their client sections and cannot order photos at this moment. We are working as fast as we can at sending annoying tweets, Facebook messages, emails, and other forms of communication to try and get some movement on the part of the web host at restoring the website. In the meantime, Geoff is working on rebuilding all of these parts from scratch, but that will take some time. We’re not sure which will come first, so we’re trying both. We assure you that this is just as annoying for you guys as it is for us because we can’t make print sales or do many other needed administrative tasks, but we apologize profusely for the inconvenience it has caused our clients!

Thank you all so much for your support, your suggestions of sending our old web host e-mails using CAPS lock, and your patience. We are working as hard as we can to rebuild this site and/or annoy the web host into working harder to recover our files as quickly as possible. We will let you know when it’s back up and running, but please feel free to contact us about anything in the meantime!

– Carolyn and Geoff