Holly+Travis Get Married at Their High School

Holly and Travis met way back in middle school. They dated. Broke up for a little while. Rekindled their romance on a trip to Spain and have been together ever since. They attended Harvard together where they met their future Broomsmen (Bride’s Groomsmen… no lady attendants at this wedding, only guys!) and were married at the place where their paths first crossed – Cary Academy. It was followed by a beautiful outdoor reception at her family home in PIttsboro. Such a ridiculously easy and convenient way to tie in two incredibly personal details about your relationship into a wedding and it turned out wonderfully!

The Broomsmen were incredibly awesome and hard working… they woke up early to move ceremony benches, filled the lavender cups for the end-of-ceremony throwing, and drew chalk hearts on the sidewalk while wearing suits. Now that’s dedication right there. Travis’s dad married the couple, and his aunt’s band played the music at their reception. And, in our (now usual) Twilight Zone twist, Holly’s mom is from the same (super super) small town in upstate New York that Geoff is from that nobody’s ever heard of! In the ten years Geoff and I have been together, she’s literally the very first person who knew of the town he’s from… that’s how small it is. :) So we had a great time with this awesome and super nice crew and the WONDERFUL Holly and Travis who are so sweet and with whom we got along so well. :) They like a lot of cool geeky card games like we do but unfortunately live in San Francisco so our ability to play them may be hindered a bit, but we wish them all the love and happiness out on the west coast!

Holly’s Occupation: Healthcare strategy consultant

Travis’s Occupation: VP of Product and Strategy at LiveRamp, an ad-tech start up

How You Met: Same middle and high school

Honeymoon Destination: Lanai, Hawaii

Ceremony Location: Cary Academy // Cary, NC

Reception Location: Holly’s Family Home // Pittsboro, NC

Officiant: Greg May, father of the Groom

Band: Laura Ridgeway’s band (Travis’s aunt)

Cake: Mitchell’s

Caterer: Chef Hamm

Hair/Makeup: Elaine Harrison

Coordinator/Florist: C&D Events


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