Mobile Mower Techs // Promo Shoot.

As a small business owner myself, I’m super passionate about other small businesses in the area and want them to succeed. I love doing promo photos to help them do just that – get themselves out there and visible, and help potential customers relate to the people behind the website. The additional plus side of this is that I get to learn about what other people do, even if I can’t understand it. This is especially applicable to lawnmower repair. Not only have I never mowed a lawn (to be fair, my dad was in charge of doing this as a kid because my parents suspected I would probably injury myself [which is, in retrospect, almost certainly true]), but now our “yard” is made up entirely of pine straw and mulch so I don’t have a lawn to mow even if I wanted to. So lawn care, and especially lawnmower maintenance, is something that completely escapes my educational background. Thankfully, Mobile Mower Techs answered a bunch of lawnmower questions for me as I photographed them much such as, “What’s that?” and “What are you doing now?” They also were happy to follow my instructions of, “Go stand by that lawnmower!” and “Now go stand by that other lawnmower over there!” In addition, they were agreeable to my attempts at loosening them up by shouting things at them like, “YEAH LAWNMOWERS!” so thank goodness for wonderful clients. It was a blast to photograph owners Tim and Natalie, and their crew of Patrick and Colt! If anyone out there needs a home or business lawnmower repaired, these guys are doing great work keeping the local engines running.


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