Category: Branding

Recently caught up with my forever friends at Gilded Bridal to work on updating some store photos and to grab some headshots of Susan’s new girls, Jensen and Makenzie. It’s no secret that Gilded is one of my favorite places to photograph not only because it is ALWAYS FUN to photograph fancy dresses, but because Susan is a ridiculously fun person. This is quite evident in everything she does, but also evident in how happy her staff is. Everyone is relaxed and incredibly silly, and they all make my job easy just by being themselves. I had already worked with Jensen at another shoot, so I was aware that she’s a super chill and funny person, but I hadn’t yet met Makenzie until this shoot, and SURPRISE: she is also a super chill and funny person. I don’t think Susan would hire anyone who wasn’t, but still. I love how much I always love her staff. I don’t work at Gilded but I kinda wish I did because look at them!

I had the pleasure of working with Jewell Whitmer as she starts the process of launching her Women’s Health Integrative & Functional Medicine Practice! Jewell is a certified nurse midwife and herbalist who has been practicing for 12 years. She has delivered a ton of babies and helped women through many births. Now she’s excited to take what she knows and begin to focus on women’s health and empowerment, and I’m so excited to help her with that process! She contacted me to take new branding photos and headshots for her, and together we had a blast shooting in an incredible house with a beautiful property (and fun music always helps a session along too!). Jewell actually used to develop her own photographs in a darkroom in her childhood home, so she knows a lot about photography and what she was looking for in her branding photos, and I was excited to work with another creative woman. Also, I have to say, I love photographing food and am pretty excited whenever anyone asks me. AND I got to photograph tea this time as well, which is also great fun. And Jewell knows a lot about teas. If you want to follow her in her new business journey and become her client, you can find her and her knowledge of teas and food on Instagram here.

It’s always great meeting new small business owners when I work on branding photos, but it’s especially fun to work with a team and even more fun to meet people in empty model homes and admire the furnishings, hah! I had the honor of working with Heyward Team Realty on their new headshots and branding photos for their website, and we had so much fun! Trey started out as a realtor and later teamed up with his wife Courtney to become a husband and wife realty team. As their business has grown, they’ve hired two additional realtors, Caitlin and Kelly, and now Trey finds himself surrounded by coworkers who have all seen the television show Friends when he hasn’t (I suggested a team building exercise in the works to watch all the seasons… it would at least be an interesting exercise in New York City real estate apartment cost estimations for Monica’s place). Now Heyward Team Realty operates as one big happy family selling homes in the Triangle area. They truly love their job, their clients, and working together, and it was a blast to photograph new headshots and group shots for this great team!