Words can’t express how awesome this opportunity was for us, but we’ll try.

As Halloween and horror buffs, we had been trying to make it to The Myers House for some time. A lived-in replica of the Michael Myers house from John Carpenter’s Halloween, it stands in a little clearing in the woods in Hillsborough. The owner, Kenny Caperton, hosts a huge Halloween party each year. Of course, his Halloween party always coincided with our own, or some other Halloween festivity that we had already planned on, and we were never able to make it. But it was always kinda looming in the back of our minds as something we knew we needed to do, and someday we would get there. We never really thought we’d get there quite like we did. :)

As Halloween and horror buffs, we are also deeply familiar with Fangoria Magazine, which celebrates the horror movie genre and was around all throughout our childhoods. They were a print magazine when print was at the top of its game in the 80s and 90s, and then publication ceased for a bit. Recently, Phil Nobile Jr. became the new editor-in-chief, and made the decision to bring Fangoria back as a 100% print-based publication four times a year. No website, no online content, just print. AND WE WERE ASKED TO SHOOT PICTURES FOR ITS FIRST ISSUE… OF THE MYERS HOUSE (so many dancey red lady dress emojis here).

So, we finally got our chance to see the Myers House in person. It felt kind of surreal getting there by way of photographing it for Fangoria’s comeback issue but life is wonderfully strange sometimes. I’ll let the pictures now speak to the intense awesomeness of Kenny’s horror collection and his wonderful house, and I’ll let the article in the October 2018 issue of Fangoria introduce you to Kenny himself. We were so honored to take his portraits for Fangoria, and thankful that Fangoria has granted us permission to share them with you here.

Client // Fangoria Magazine // @fanorgia on Instagram
The Myers House NC // Kenny Caperton, Owner //@myershousenc on Instagram
Michael Myers Cosplay // @lastredshoulder on Instagram

It’s always a pleasure getting to know such talented individuals from all over the Triangle area who specialize in all different businesses, and working with Dr. Judy Brangman was no exception. Judy is the heart and soul behind Triangle Total Wellness, a resource for health and wellness that specializes in helping individuals live healthier lives. Judy’s an Internal Medicine physician who’s passionate about exercise and whole foods. We figured the perfect setting for a foods-based wellness coach would be a garden, and Judy came equipped with a basket of fruit and vegetables that I eventually made her juggle (sorry, Judy). She is full of life, and also has a fun accent as she hails from Bermuda (literally all my knowledge about Bermuda now comes from Judy, and that’s better than before when all of my knowledge stemmed from documentaries on the Bermuda Triangle). Speaking of Bermuda, though, this woman has been EVERYWHERE! She loves travel and exploring, and is definitely a fun-loving, adventurous individual. She’s also tiny (my sizeeee) so was easy to photograph without a ladder for once (yay!). It was a pleasure working with Judy and learning about her business. If you’re interested in learning more about what she does (and getting healthier in the process!), visit her site at http://triangletotalwellness.com/ or follow her on Instagram @drbrangman. Cheers!

Jodi Foy is the World’s Nicest Dentist. I can vouch for this based on her ads in the Indy Week (which drew me to her practice when we moved here in 2008), but also because she is, obviously, my forever dentist. That’s like when you adopt a cat or dog and they find their forever home, but instead it’s when you find a dentist that somehow makes you enjoy going to the dentist, and you then follow on Instagram as they hold celebrations for the Royal Wedding (bouquet toss included) and go to Backstreet Boy concerts, and you decide that you’ll never go to another dentist even if you have to drive on 40 and sit in traffic. Jodi Foy is that forever dentist for me. And the Foyettes! Gahh the Foyettes. The Foyettes, and every Foyette that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, have all been wonderful – every single one of them. They are equally as nice and hilarious as Jodi, and somehow they all remember me and exactly what plans I had six months ago when I last saw them.

So I was overjoyyyyed to be asked to do promo pictures for this wonderful, wonderful crew! They needed new headshots and group shots, and I drove there and we did them and we laughed and bit some unsuspecting patient’s hand with a plastic alligator and made her pretend like she has no idea how to brush her teeth (sorry, Sunny). It was fun and it always is. She is 100% and without any doubt recommended by yours truly as a dentist. She’ll talk to you about The Walking Dead and photography and hockey and the Foyettes will remember all your vacations and your husband’s plans too. I love these women with my whole being.