Jodi Foy is the World’s Nicest Dentist. I can vouch for this based on her ads in the Indy Week (which drew me to her practice when we moved here in 2008), but also because she is, obviously, my forever dentist. That’s like when you adopt a cat or dog and they find their forever home, but instead it’s when you find a dentist that somehow makes you enjoy going to the dentist, and you then follow on Instagram as they hold celebrations for the Royal Wedding (bouquet toss included) and go to Backstreet Boy concerts, and you decide that you’ll never go to another dentist even if you have to drive on 40 and sit in traffic. Jodi Foy is that forever dentist for me. And the Foyettes! Gahh the Foyettes. The Foyettes, and every Foyette that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, have all been wonderful – every single one of them. They are equally as nice and hilarious as Jodi, and somehow they all remember me and exactly what plans I had six months ago when I last saw them.

So I was overjoyyyyed to be asked to do promo pictures for this wonderful, wonderful crew! They needed new headshots and group shots, and I drove there and we did them and we laughed and bit some unsuspecting patient’s hand with a plastic alligator and made her pretend like she has no idea how to brush her teeth (sorry, Sunny). It was fun and it always is. She is 100% and without any doubt recommended by yours truly as a dentist. She’ll talk to you about The Walking Dead and photography and hockey and the Foyettes will remember all your vacations and your husband’s plans too. I love these women with my whole being.

As a small business owner myself, I’m super passionate about other small businesses in the area and want them to succeed. I love doing promo photos to help them do just that – get themselves out there and visible, and help potential customers relate to the people behind the website. The additional plus side of this is that I get to learn about what other people do, even if I can’t understand it. This is especially applicable to lawnmower repair. Not only have I never mowed a lawn (to be fair, my dad was in charge of doing this as a kid because my parents suspected I would probably injury myself [which is, in retrospect, almost certainly true]), but now our “yard” is made up entirely of pine straw and mulch so I don’t have a lawn to mow even if I wanted to. So lawn care, and especially lawnmower maintenance, is something that completely escapes my educational background. Thankfully, Mobile Mower Techs answered a bunch of lawnmower questions for me as I photographed them much such as, “What’s that?” and “What are you doing now?” They also were happy to follow my instructions of, “Go stand by that lawnmower!” and “Now go stand by that other lawnmower over there!” In addition, they were agreeable to my attempts at loosening them up by shouting things at them like, “YEAH LAWNMOWERS!” so thank goodness for wonderful clients. It was a blast to photograph owners Tim and Natalie, and their crew of Patrick and Colt! If anyone out there needs a home or business lawnmower repaired, these guys are doing great work keeping the local engines running.

One of the best parts of our job is getting to meet new people and finding out what things you have in common with them. We were delighted to meet and work with Alex, who loves horror movies and The Simpsons and The Expanse, among other wonderful things that we also love. In addition, he’s a pretty terrific human. He needed updated headshots, and we ran around Durham to find some city-anonymous backdrops and then made Alex lean against a lot of walls. He was wonderful to work with and we enjoyed talking about cute dogs and DC and how eventually getting your white Chuck Taylors a little bit dirty makes them look more authentic and science and The Thing and how the news stresses me out because everyone with yelling (all while still leaning against a lot of walls). It’s crazy how much everyone has in common once you meet and really talk to them – and we were happy to find out how much we have in common with Alex, and to take his updated headshots. Thanks so much for working with, Alex!