>> batting my ego around

I always find these pages super awkward to read because most of the time they’re written by the business owner themselves but written in the third person, like that business owner hired someone to come write about them? And then in that way it’s not really as bad as talking about yourself for a long time? I don’t know. It’s awkward. But, it’s even more awkward for me to write this than for you to read it. But I, Carolyn, myself, am writing this… mostly because I can’t afford to pay any of my author friends to write me a super cool biography yet, my husband Geoff would simply write about how I like cats, and my cats would just write about how I am not feeding them the amount that they would prefer to be fed.

I’m Carolyn! You might be asking yourself, “What makes you qualified to take my photograph?” Well, I call myself a photographer and that’s a good place to start when you’re trying to convince someone to let you take their picture. But, I’ve also been running this photography business since 2008 and full-time since 2010, so I’d say that I have pretty extensive experience at this point that backs up that title. I was a previous wedding photographer who naturally transitioned into family and branding photography when all of our previous clients started having kids and opening businesses like the well-rounded individuals that they are.

“Wait, you said ‘our clients’”? Yes! It wasn’t always just me. A lot of you know me from when my husband Geoff and I were a wedding photography/nacho-eating team. Geoff’s departure has prompted such questions like, “Are you and Geoff divorced now?” and, “What did you do to Geoff?” and, “Is Geoff okay? Did you leave him somewhere and forget?” But fear not, Geoff fans. Geoff is alive, well, still married to me, and is still operating and making this website as we speak… as well as listening to me tell him stories about you and reading all of our e-mails (he’s kind of like a creepy CSP overlord). He lives in his Star Wars man cave office now and is a full-time software engineer. He still loves you and cares about you, but is also really enjoying having just one job and working at home in his pajamas (don’t tell his work).

OH YES BUT MORE ABOUT ME. My background is in elementary education, and I got into photography after it evolved into a more serious college hobby through the help of some photography major friends. I found that photography was more in line with my personality than teaching was, so now I do family photography because I like kids and also I like my former wedding clients who now have kids. So what about branding photography? Well, I also own a business, so I tend to like other business owners, and fell into branding photography when other creatives so kindly asked me to take their portraits and photograph Instagram filler shots for them. I fell in love with that too… because I see myself in them, and love helping other local businesses succeed. That’s the cheesiest line I’ll write in here, but it’s true. I also like seeing my pictures published in places and used in advertisements because it makes me feel like I must be kind of alright. It’s my hope that my clients can look forward to passing down the more ridiculous shots I take to kids, grandkids, or people who are interested in looking through their photographs at their retirement home. 

The last required paragraph of an official about page is listing all the personal things about me that you may find interesting. I live in Durham with Geoff and our two cats. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA but came down here to teach and stayed for the weather. In my free time you can find me crawling Craigslist for mid-century modern furniture that old people are getting rid of, or painting/drawing over at The Haunted Cactus. I play piano and celebrate Halloween every day of the year (hence the bats). I’ve only had long hair twice in my life: kindergarten and for our wedding. I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld multiple times, and have an unwavering loyalty to both SNL and The Walking Dead, through good times and bad.