Ziggy Starcat 1 Cat Doll


Cat doll. Handmade by me.

Name: Ziggy Starcat 1

Size: Approximately 17.5″ from ears to feet

Made of: Scrap fabric, felt (glitter, plain, gold foil), thread, glitter lung

Stuffed with: Raw cotton (you can see some darker spots of the cotton plant through the back of the blue fabric – this is normal as the cotton isn’t processed or bleached)

Strengths: Being pretty far out, man

Weaknesses: Taking it all too far

*Note: All Superstar Cats have delicate parts (specifically all the gold foil felt) and are intended for older kids who like to display toys or adults who are still kids.

Care Instructions: Delicate – do not machine wash. Spot clean when necessary by hand washing only and allowing to air dry.

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