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rebel without a camera… part 1 of the hopefully 1 part series.

my camera has been in the shop for about a week now. it’s due back any day now, but of course it’s been a long wait for a photographer. i haven’t done any shoots since it went in, spending my time doing consults, random errands, and attending the wedding of friends in upstate new york. as i returned from new york and ran out of significant errands to do (besides consults), i started to get antsy. today i took shots of random things around the house with my rebel…just because going long periods of time without taking pictures makes me feel strange.

it’s always nice to take a break. when my camera first went into the shop, i saw it as an opportunity to get stuff done that i’ve been putting off that aren’t business related. but now most of my errands are up (woah!)… besides laundry, which i always manage to continue putting off. tonight geoff and i have dedicated to working solely on our wedding…and perhaps catching a missed episode or two of house.

running errands all day long for a business can be rather monotonous. especially when your camera is in the shop. so in between consults, mailing cds, putting together a more cohesive consult binder, and visiting upstate new york (and freezing there), i have been:

1. making button earings



i got the urge to start making earrings a little bit ago and received some posts and my first hot glue gun on my birthday. how did i manage to go for decades without a hot glue gun? simple: i lived in pittsburgh and frequently stole my mom’s. but now that i’m in north carolina, mom’s hot glue gun is not as easily stolen, so they got me one of my own. :)

hot glue guns reach some crazy high temperature where your skin is easily scalded, so the primary objective was to keep the kittens away from the hot glue gun. of course, anything that kittens are supposed to be kept away from immediately attracts them, so i found myself locked in the bathroom hot glueing buttons to earrings. i have way too many button earrings, but i really figure you can’t get enough. i pretty much have buttons to match any outfit. i don’t know why i like them, and several friends have taken to calling me “coraline”, but i still think they’re pretty awesome! :P

2. organizing my jewelry box


my sister got me this adorable necklace for my birthday. and in between that and the button earrings i decided it was high time to reorganizing my giant mess of a jewelry box. i got halfway through it when i got overwhelmed and threw a bunch of random earrings into a box that i dedicated to “sorting later,” but we’ll see how that actually pans out. but the button earrings and camera necklace are now safely stowed away when not in use.

3. re-reading old favorites


my parents found me georgie and jenny’s birthday book and gave them to me over their visit a few weekends ago. they were my favorite childhood books that i got out of the library on a regular basis. it still cracks me up that kids can read the same book over and over again and it never gets old. georgie (above) totally rocks and jenny (below) reminds me significantly of what buckles would look like if he were animated and went on crazy adventures in new york city. it was great to see these books again – good memories!


4. hanging out with dolfy


buckles is much more on a schedule than dolfy. buckles wakes up to be fed in the morning, sleeps literally ALL day without fail, and wakes up sometime around 6:00pm and remains awake and ALL OVER YOU until you go to bed. buckles, highly resembling cartoon cat jenny, is difficult to photograph. he is black and often sleeps in dark places. our living room has very low light in the evening by preference, so you kind of have to be purposefully following around buckles with a camera to get a decent shot.

dolfy, however, is awake whenever you are and annoying you whenever you want to be left alone. he has no schedule – sleeping on and off pretty much whenever and waking you up anytime between 2am and 6am, depending on his personal preference that day. he has a piercing ACDC-like meow that he uses constantly and for every mood he has. it’s pretty much like having a two year old child anytime i’m home. he’s extremely demanding. so whether or not i like, i’m always hanging out with dolfy, but not always by choice. :) :P

the camera SHOULD be back this week. if not, i’ll keep shooting with the rebel because i’m ready for my little camera vacation to be over. it’s always good when you take a break though, because often you feel more fresh and creative when you get it back.


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