>> in the process of training my carrier bats

*Please note: I do not photograph events, weddings/elopements, birthday/retirement/anniversary parties, headshot-only requests for LinkedIn or dating sites, or college campus cap and gown photos. Thank you!
For those I’ve already worked with (or those who have great faith in me), do you want me to just book you immediately and send you a contract/invoice right now based on your first and/or second choice of dates? Or would you prefer me to send you a wordy, in-depth email explaining how my shoots work first? There is a $100 deposit due upon signing the contract and the remaining balance is due 2 weeks before your shoot.
*This pertains to family shoots only – all branding sessions are blogged. As my business is purely visual, I blog and post every shoot that I do. When I can’t do that, it’s more difficult for me to get clients, which is why this contract and upcharge exists. There is a $50 upcharge for private shoots (shoots that I keep entirely off my blog, portfolio, and social media). If you do not want your child online but give me permission to post adults or pets, that is still considered a private shoot – all members of the family must be able to be blogged to avoid the upcharge (related note: I do not use the names of kids online). I ask this question now so that I know what contract and invoice to send you – you will not be turned down for requesting a private shoot! :)
No Pressure: