I’ve photographed this family one million times now (that might be approximate). I’ve been photographing the kids since they were 6 and 8. Now they’re 15 and 17 (!!!) and can drive cars and boats and have college applications and can almost vote. It’s been a wild ride. They’re still whip-smart. They’re still masters at the cello and reading. They’re still absolutely obsessed with their French Bulldog Simon, who is the best mix of the laziest and the most active dog I know (and the most handsomest, yes you are, Simon, yes you are). They still love Wes Anderson and Star Wars and have grown into the most delightful teenagers and I absolutely adore them. The best part? They still roll their eyes at their parents but now they also roll their eyes at me, which is a great honor and is how I know I’ve been fully integrated into the family. Well, that and the fact that my husband Geoff is in some of their family pictures this year and they seem fine with it. Is Geoff biologically related to any of these people? No. But was he there in a non-professional capacity and invited into their family pictures? Yes he was. I really hope he makes the holiday card.

I had so much fun reuniting with Kaela and Isiah! Back when Geoff was shooting with me, we photographed their engagement session in 2016 with their impossibly small/impossibly cute pup Archie. The Knot published their engagement shoot and has apparently been using their pictures ever since – in magazine advertising, social media, etc. The Knot loves Kaela and Isiah and I do too. And now they have a beautiful baby girl who is ADORABLE. The eyelashes! The little bow! The outfits! Her favorite pastime is being held up a la The Lion King by her dad, and tugging on her mom’s hair. She’s not sure what to make of Archie. Archie, now 14, is not quite sure what to make of her. But together they’re the cutest little duo and I definitely would watch a tv show about them if it was streaming anywhere. Love these folks and so happy to do another photo session with them in their beautiful home!

This session was so fun for me! Olivia and Aurora were celebrating two major milestones in their lives – Olivia graduating law school and Aurora graduating 5th grade – and I was there to commemorate this time in their family with Yahtzee, oil painting, roller skating around the living room, and hanging out with their dog Dinky. We also talked about Stephen King a lot (one of my favorite pastimes), as well as this family’s time spent living in Pittsburgh, which is my hometown. I realized later that I forgot to talk to them about Fern Gully, which they had mentioned on their contact form and is, by far, my favorite childhood movie and still my favorite animated movie – next time! I have a lot in common with these folks and it was a ton of fun hanging out with them. Olivia and Greg have been together since they were 16, so 21 years in October, which is exactly how long Geoff and I have been together (I was also 16 when we met)! They are great parents to Aurora, who is an artistic, creative, lively spirit who loves painting with her mom, talking about Stephen King with her dad, and doing flips on her aerial hammock in the living room when she’s not roller skating around it. And they’re also great parents to Dinky, a beloved 14 year-old angel of a lab mix who could not be sweeter or gentler. It was a ton of fun spending the morning with these guys out in their own little slice of Fern Gully in the woods.