Everyone who reads my blog is probably well versed in my favorite dentist at this point, but if you aren’t, you should know that her name is Jodi and that she is the best. And by the best, I mean hilarious and wonderful and fabulous. There’s not a single time that I see her that I’m not laughing because she’s truly one of the funniest people I know. Plus she keeps my teeth clean so that I look good laughing too. A BONUS. Anyway, I love this woman, and I also love her husband, John, and their kiddos, Jack and Nicky. Jack and Nicky are good kids. Good kids like, REALLY GOOD KIDS. I don’t remember being this well behaved at their age. And maybe it’s because I’m mildly a stranger, but they do everything I ask. There are no eye rolls or attitudes or rude voices. They’re just like, “okay!” and do it. I think they take direction better than almost every wedding party I’ve directed. They’re into heavily into Star Wars and hockey and I respect that. They’re all also into their adorable sweet dog Maci, who came with us to this shoot and spent most of the time running around. Never far away, but not too close either. I love, love, love this family and everything about them. THANKS, FAVORITE DENTIST.

Amanda and I have been internet friends for some time, and I was so incredibly honored to photograph her family for her. She is an incredibly talented birth photographer operating as Raleigh Birth Photography. And seriously, if you want your birth photographed, she’s your girl. She’s also a wonderful human being, loving wife to Joe, and fantastic mother to two boys. Our job was to capture Amanda, Joe, Michael, and Lucien as the family of four that they are now, because a new baby is on the way shortly! Then in November, we’ll be back to photograph the new family of five. Amanda told me that she thinks there’s something so interesting about seeing how family dynamics change as a new member is added, and I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait to see what happens in November! Michael and Lucien are THRILLED about this baby. Like, way, way, way, way excited. They talk to the baby, kiss the baby, discuss the baby, and are plenty prepared to help their parents when baby arrives. They are planning a homebirth and Michael’s job is to tell his parents whether it’s a boy or a girl, and he’s seriously stoked about this responsibility.

When not planning for baby, Michael and Lucien enjoy roughhousing with Joe (who is a great dad wrestler!), playing with Legos, putting on capes, and interrupting any quiet portrait moments between their folks. They also enjoy water fights (which I believe Amanda won, given that she’s pregnant so is the one holding the hose, and therefore has the most firepower) and popsicles. The boys also put sugar on their french toast, which is a tradition from Amanda’s side of the family. This family is also home to the WORLD’S CUTEST DOG named Aria (who really wants to eat said french toast). And while she definitely looks straight-up Dire Wolf, she was named before Game of Thrones, and spells her name a little differently. ;) She is the tiniest Husky I have ever met, and I want to hug her forever and ever and never stop. She is a little fuzzy old lady and I don’t think I’ve ever met anything as cute. She enjoys belly rubs and pets and is very patient. Super excited to rejoin this adorable crew in November to meet their newest member (and to hug their dog again).

This is, proudly, the second bridesmaid of our beloved past client Carly that we’ve had the pleasure of photographing! Carly seems to permeate most things we do, and we’re totally okay with that because we love her. Carly’s mom even was accidentally present at a consult we had with Tory and her mom! So everything’s like a small little circle of Carly and we love it. We’re so glad that we were introduced to Tory, who is a kind, hilarious, creative soul who loves lemurs. Her sister-in-law Sara works at the Duke Lemur Center, and they just started recently doing weddings there, so it was a perfect fit! You guys, we learned a lot about lemurs. They live in Madagascar and are the only primates there. There are so many species of lemurs that they’ve all developed distinct traits – from the color of their coat and eyes, to different things they eat, to different ways of behaving in order to all survive together. Plus, did you know John Cleese likes lemurs? He’s a frequent visitor to the Duke Lemur Center (because why not?). Tory and I have a mutual love for Monty Python so this was an extra exciting bonus for her venue choice.

On the morning of the wedding, I hadn’t yet met Adam, and I asked Tory what he was like. She said, “Oh, he’s so friendly. He will make friends with anyone!” and I totally agree. Adam is an absolutely delightful human being. He’s incredibly friendly with a big smile and a great laugh, and everyone had really great, endearing stories to tell about both him and Tory all day. Tory’s brother officiated the wedding, adding several adorable stories of his own (including a lot about Tory’s love for all things chart, graph, and data-related, so when later in the night I found a huge graph detailing her father’s sense of humor I was not surprised to learn she had made it). The reception was held in Tory’s parents’ house, which is an incredible midcentury modern work of art… complete with a lemur Christmas tree. Everything was personalized and perfect.

We did discover on the day of the wedding that Adam is mildly (like 5%) afraid of lemurs. None of us knew this (including Adam) until we directly approached said lemurs. And I have to say, while they’re incredibly adorable, I think something about their intense beady eyed stare and quick movements does make them a tad intimidating (the lemurs, not Tory and Adam). We were lucky enough to have access to part of the center where the lemurs roam free in the forest, and were immediately approached by a lemur named Nacho and his friend. I don’t remember the friend’s name because Nacho just really stuck with me because I really like nachos. Tory’s excitement is evidenced in her face in these pictures, while Adam stands a bit behind her, usually gripping her shoulders, like he might use her as a shield if a lemur got too close. I don’t blame him, as I used a telephoto to photograph them… just in case.

Date: July 14, 2018
Ceremony Venue: Duke Lemur Center // Durham, NC
Reception Venue: Private Residence // Durham, NC
First Dance Song: “Painting by Chagal” – Weepies cover performed by Tory’s Aunt Victoria Clark, cousin Thomas Luke Guest, and accompanied by cousin Kyle Anderson
How You Met: As reluctant attendees of a fundraiser in Boston
Honeymoon: Cycling through Ireland and Scotland
Officiant: Banks Clark (Tory’s brother)
DJ: DJ Jay Mik
Florist: Tory!
Cake: Monuts
Caterer: Durham Catering
Hair/Makeup: Tiffany at Arrow Salon
Coordinator: Nancy Kelly
Ceremony Treat: Locopops