Little James recently turned one year old, and every good one year old worth his salt has a totally awesome Batman jacket. James came with sunglasses, little adorable canvas shoes, a heavy appetite for goldfish crackers and ice cream, and two fabulous parents who like 90s rock as much as we do and were able to hold actual conversations about The Presidents of the United States of America and the Counting Crows. Also the Batman soundtracks (of course!). We met at the fountain in downtown Cary and walked around with these awesome guys, hitting up a flowering tree or two and doing our best to avoid grass (James, new to walking, has an extreme grass-aversion. He won’t walk on it, won’t touch it, and has a zero grass tolerance policy). There was also much cat discussion (this family has two, named after cheeses) and a lot of airplane noises made in the direction of James in attempts to get him to smile while we were in the vicinity of grass (which worried him). So here are some pictures of this adorable little boy and his parents, celebrating his birthday and his newfound walking skills and shunning grass at every turn. Happy birthday, James!

Emily and Lloyd are cat people, and I was told that there would be three cats present at June’s newborn shoot, but that I would likely see only one as the others are skittish. HOWEVER, I appear to be like a calm Cat Pied Piper of Durham, as when I arrive, I became flocked with cats (and with Bongo, in particular, the black and white tuxedo cat who I swear is a distant relative of my own cat Buckles). Anyway, there were three cats, all of whom were fluffy and all of whom I petted with great joy in between photographing the lovely miss June, newborn extraordinaire. Note her incredible tomato hat (knitted by her mom). June is crazy cute (takes after her parents who are just wonderful!), and she is one of the most peaceful babies I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. She only half-cried kind of vaguely once at the very end of her session. The rest of the time she was super chill, sometimes awake, sometimes asleep. I attribute her success to the fluffy presence of the cats somehow… always watching over her, guarding her… gently dusting her, everyone else, and all they see with cat hair. A truly fluffily adorable household.

You guys, I love Janice. I’ve known her for a long time now, and I love her more each time I see her if that’s even possible. She’s a truly wonderful bright ball of happy, adorable energy and also a seriously standup person. She knows exactly what Big Dog Little Bed Productions, her videography company, stands for, and she knows exactly how she wants her business to be run, and exactly how she wants her employees to feel. She’s quite serious about having fun at all times while telling the stories of others to best represent them. If you asked, she would 100% be able to confidently tell you her goals and ambitions for her business and they’d all be the most authentically authentic goals you’ve ever heard. She’s a sincere person, and the funnest. Yes, the funnest. She likes Dad glasses and beer and dogs and sewing (she made her black and white top for this shoot!) and everyone likes her. Other people that like her enough to have helped us out for this shoot include Tyler and Yuri, two talented videography members of her team, as well as Madison and Amelia who let us capture some client meeting/work photos. Also in a constant role of support is Murphy the dog, always hanging around for treats and meetings but slightly belligerent when it comes to posed photos. Happy to have shot my third small business branding photos for Big Dog Little Bed!