More mini headshot sessions this summer! So glad I started offering these, as I get a chance to meet all sorts of great people. This week’s wonderful subject is Amy (and her fantastic green romper!), who has worked as a real estate agent with RE/MAX for many years. She worked with them initially in Ohio, and now she works for them down here, as she has recently relocated with her husband to be near their kids in North Carolina. We had a great time updating her agent headshots, comparing the weather between the northeast and southeast, and discussing how we love this area’s amount of owls. Thanks for letting me update your photos, Amy!

I am always SO EXCITED to do author headshots because it’s quite an honor to take the photo of someone’s mug that will be appear attached with one of their biggest life achievements and it makes me happy. Also I like seeing my work in a book because I like books. I particularly like nonfiction books about horrible disasters, which is why it’s SO WONDERFUL that Rachel found me. Rachel is being published by Penguin Random House (!) and her book is called In The Waves. Without going into spoilers (buy her book!), she essentially went on a mission to figure out why The Hunley, a Civil War-era submarine, mysteriously sank back in the day and killed everyone on board. Here’s an article The Smithsonian did on Rachel and her research (complete with video of Rachel’s CSS Tiny replica). Rachel also loves nonfiction disasters, and she’s the first and only person to have ever gifted me a book on cholera. I think we were meant to meet. I will update this page upon Rachel’s book release to give a link to how you can buy and read it!

One of the best parts of our job is getting to meet new people and finding out what things you have in common with them. We were delighted to meet and work with Alex, who loves horror movies and The Simpsons and The Expanse, among other wonderful things that we also love. In addition, he’s a pretty terrific human. He needed updated headshots, and we ran around Durham to find some city-anonymous backdrops and then made Alex lean against a lot of walls. He was wonderful to work with and we enjoyed talking about cute dogs and DC and how eventually getting your white Chuck Taylors a little bit dirty makes them look more authentic and science and The Thing and how the news stresses me out because everyone with yelling (all while still leaning against a lot of walls). It’s crazy how much everyone has in common once you meet and really talk to them – and we were happy to find out how much we have in common with Alex, and to take his updated headshots. Thanks so much for working with, Alex!