I’ve known Megan and Carly for many years now and it was wonderful to reunite with them to celebrate the birth of their new baby Ronan and the wild, amazing ways of 2 year old Jane. Megan and Carly are fantastic people and it is not a surprise that their children would be the same! Jane is… incredible. Like, really incredible. She has amazing fashion choices (best shark shoes ever) and an extremely enthusiastic attitude. I feel the need to tell you that I did not pose Jane at all for any pictures. The facial expressions and poses are Jane’s and Jane’s alone. And there are a lot of them… and they’re all amazing. She was very excited for her photoshoot, greeting me at the door and yelling, “CAROLYN’S HERE!” to her parents and then proceeding to welcome me in and giving me a grand tour of her toys and house. She is an amazing force of a little person and I love her and all of her sheer joy. Ronan is an adorable baby so he enjoys eating and sleeping and looking at Jane while Jane enthusiastically hugs him. He is very cute and extremely well-behaved. I love this whole family and their amazing selves. Thank you to Megan and Carly for having me run around your house and be a part of documenting you all together!

Newborn babies are probably most fun when they are wrapped in taco blankets and accompanied by a dog named Taco, don’t you think? Baby Avital was welcomed into the world by loving parents Haley and Asher and by extremely-inquisitive-and-affectionate-so-doesn’t-quite-understand-personal-space-when-it-comes-to-babies older brother Taco. Taco is quite adorable and fluffy and fearless. He enjoys sweaters and pets. Avital is quite adorable and little and fearless. She enjoys koalas and owning a variety of fabulous blankets. Her parents tell me that she’s a future National Park Ranger, but there’s still some debate on which specific National Park she’ll choose. For now, her possible choices of future outdoorsy employment are on display via, you guessed it, her variety of fabulous blankets (camp sites and cacti) as well as her adorable stuffed koala. Haley and Asher are great parents, NYC transplants, and have incredibly interesting jobs. Also, there’s no quicker way to get to know someone than to move heavy furniture with them, which we did flawlessly, so I give them an A+ humanity rating. Plus how can you not like people who wrap their baby in a taco blanket?

I had the pleasure of working with Jewell Whitmer as she starts the process of launching her Women’s Health Integrative & Functional Medicine Practice! Jewell is a certified nurse midwife and herbalist who has been practicing for 12 years. She has delivered a ton of babies and helped women through many births. Now she’s excited to take what she knows and begin to focus on women’s health and empowerment, and I’m so excited to help her with that process! She contacted me to take new branding photos and headshots for her, and together we had a blast shooting in an incredible house with a beautiful property (and fun music always helps a session along too!). Jewell actually used to develop her own photographs in a darkroom in her childhood home, so she knows a lot about photography and what she was looking for in her branding photos, and I was excited to work with another creative woman. Also, I have to say, I love photographing food and am pretty excited whenever anyone asks me. AND I got to photograph tea this time as well, which is also great fun. And Jewell knows a lot about teas. If you want to follow her in her new business journey and become her client, you can find her and her knowledge of teas and food on Instagram here.