What better way to start of my 2023 shooting season than a 30 second walking commute to my neighbor’s house?! Best commute ever. Was very tempted to send them a text shortly before telling them that I would be late because traffic was bad. Meet Sam, Casey, Desmond, and Spencer! They are most excellent neighbors with good taste in music (if you ever see me wearing my rainbow Nirvana shirt it is because I saw Sam walking around the street with one), good taste in holidays (Desmond is a big fan of Halloween and loves discussing The Nightmare Before Christmas), and good taste in felines (they have a very adorable orange and black cat named Lily who is extremely sweet). I was very excited to go photograph them hanging around on a Sunday morning, especially because I knew it would involve Desi’s amazing Power Wheels bulldozer. The kids on our street all have Power Wheels, which makes me very jealous of them even as a late-30s adult woman who clearly never recovered from never having a Power Wheel herself. But at least I can photograph them now, and so I’ll take every opportunity. I also photographed Spencer looking absolutely precious in her little winter outdoor clothes and eating her first s’more in the backyard. It was a ton of fun to photograph our wonderful neighbors Sam and Casey and their amazing kids, plus bring back leftover S’mores for Geoff. :)

I adored photographing this family last year when they were just a couple with a fab 2-year-old who ate two popsicles at the same time while wearing awesome dinosaur shoes. Now they’re a family of four! Skye and Rui just welcomed their newborn daughter Bennett into the world a mere handful of days before Tye was set to turn 3. I was on hand with them this particular weekend to help document all the family who flew in to celebrate Tye’s birthday, as well as to snap a few shots of Bennett, and Skye’s sister Ashley’s pregnancy. It was a ton of fun meeting all their family members! They’re such a supportive group of people. Skye and Rui will be moving out-of-state shortly to be closer to them all, which breaks my heart, but I’m so glad that I got the chance to meet and work with them during this time in their lives. Tye is a smart, hilarious little kid (who sang birthday songs in multiple languages while I was there!) who wants everyone to know that he’s 3. He also loves car washes so much that he burst into tears after receiving a mini one as a gift. He had a joyous birthday surrounded by those who love him, and who could ask for more? Thank you to Skye and Rui for having me in your lives these past two years, and I wish you nothing but love and success in your new home!

Living and working in Durham has been so great for us. We bought our home here in 2012 and we’ve seen the city grow a lot since then: new restaurants and entertainment, new buildings and apartments, and new places for me to find gluten-free pizza (thank you, Durham!). So I was pretty excited when I was asked to shoot some photos of the Central Park District for Discover Durham. My client Jacques, who you all know and love!, works there and asked me to do these pictures (yay!), and together we walked 13,000 steps of Durham and talked to a lot of strangers to get these shots. Discover Durham is every Durhamite’s best friend. They’re essentially the folks who help Durham thrive via marketing, advocation, attracting visitors and spreading the word about events. If you don’t follow them on Instagram, you 100% should. Their stories are great at listing all the local Durham things you can do every weekend, usually accompanied by a hefty dose of humor. They’re one of my favorite accounts. Follow them here! PLUS they always have great photos, so I’m thrilled that they asked me to do this shoot. So many thanks to Jacques and Ashley of Discover Durham for hanging out with me at this session, and thank you to all the Durham businesses and individuals who gave their permission to be a part of this project.