This maternity session had all the things we want out of any session: a Laura Palmer meanwhile hands tattoo, a David Lynch shrine, two English bulldogs, and a listening of “Bodhisattva” by Steely Dan. Also, Sarah’s haircut and X-Files discussions. We like them both a whole bunch, even if they didn’t have the world’s two most adorable English bulldogs who have the quintessential protruding jaws that any self-respecting bulldog would have. They also stick their legs out completely straight and have a bunch of face-rolls (the dogs… not Sarah and Chris) and their names are Seamus and Sasquatch. The point of this session was to document Sarah’s pregnancy and her and Chris’s life together with the pups before the arrival of baby boy in February, and we happily did just that in their wonderful home. Seamus is also getting up there in bulldog years so it was important to photograph his squishy face (he is the lighter, tanner bulldog). Sasquatch is his newer brother who was a gift to Chris on their wedding day (cutest squishiest gift ever).

Sarah and Chris met in St. Louis. Chris wore this exactly plaid shirt on their first date, as well as during their engagement pictures, and now during their maternity pictures. I officially declare that the most thoughtful and charming clothing choice from any guy we’ve photographed. He also has a pretty killer vintage Star Wars mug that has continuity clothing issues (which makes it even more awesome) and he’s seen Phish over 50 times. Sarah is very much into all things David Lynch and I firmly believe that she should be crowned Miss Twin Peaks and be presented with some sort of “Save the Pine Weasel” pin. Both Chris and Sarah are concerned their kid will like pop music in the future, but we agree that yacht rock type pop of the late 70s is 100% acceptable and even encouraged. We are excited to bring you more of these people (and pups) next month when we meet their baby who we’re sure will be totally badass straight out of the womb.

Amy+Ben // A Maternity Shoot

We are so excited to welcome Amy+Ben to the CSP 5 Timer’s Club!! Technically they’re being introduced next month during their newborn session but I figured I’d give it a head start. :) We’ve photographed them for their engagement session, their wedding, this time they lived in NYC and we slept on an air mattress in their apartment and hung out with their cats Lucy+Elaine, now for their maternity, and next month when they meet their newborn son! It’s so awesome to be such a big part of helping tell someone’s family history like this, especially for people who are near and dear to our hearts. We are so glad that these guys are back in the state and living in Raleigh, and so excited for them to begin what will surely be an awesome family. Amy and Ben are some of the kindest and smartest people we know, and we’re sure these qualities will get passed on to their kiddo. Congratulations, friends!

Ahh, the annual culmination of embarrassing photos of ourselves all in one place. We look terrible or confused or hangry, and are occasionally seen straddling logs in the middle of streams or getting caught in gym equipment. We are always, always, always pointing out in vague directions, gesticulating wildly, or petting dogs. I also decided to add an always-smooth-looking fannypack to my arsenal of wearable camera gear this year, so now I look like I’m ready for a week long trek in the wilderness after I’m done rock climbing. Not pictured this year: multiple pictures of Geoff eating wedding cake. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was able to eat more cake this year than ever before due to my gluten-free wedding guest brethren, so I was also busy eating cake at the same time? Either way, a disturbing lack of pictures of Geoff eating. I’ll work on that for next year. To make up for it, there is a picture of the Virginia Tech mascot hugging him against his will. Enjoy the stupid expressions and awkwardness of it all. To all of you who worry about how you’ll look in your pictures, we promise it won’t be this bad.

The “Making Fools of Ourselves” posts started in 2011 at the end of our Class of 2011 post. Here’s a look at younger versions of us: