It was a pleasure to meet and work with these guys on an elopement-style session! Jessi and Alec got married at the courthouse and celebrated with family later in the week, but they wanted photos in all their garb downtown prior to the festivities, and we were happy to oblige. They are such a sweet couple, and into all things science. They met at an observatory (I believe Alec proclaimed himself the King of the Observatory at one point, which is a truly amazing and wonderful title) and have been having outdoorsy and sciencey adventures together ever since. They also like good music and movies and can ride a rented bike downtown like nobody’s business. It’s not easy to get on one of those things wearing a significant amount of tulle or a suit, but they managed quite well. We hit up all their favorite local spots in Durham (shout out to Viceroy for being nice enough to let us take a few inside!) and got to know this awesome pair. Congratulations to Jessi+Alec!

I have so, so much to say about Alyssa+Ben’s amazingness and how we ended up in Jamaica with them, but I’mma save that all for their wedding blog post. So for now, just be satisfied with these pictures of Alyssa and Ben tackling each other and faceplanting in the water together. Rest assured that it was like 900 degrees with 900% humidity when we shot these, and admire how little they look like they’re sweating. Gaze upon the gloriousness of a Jamaican beach and know that somewhere, somehow, Bob Marley is playing softly in the distance. And please enjoy a pina colada on our behalf as you look through these. BRB with their wedding.