When Lara and I met in person for the first time at her wedding, we instantly clicked, and I instantly loved her. She has a larger-than-life personality… big smile, big laugh, big hair… and she is THE BEST. She is hilarious and has a phenomenal sense of humor and we kept each other highly amused throughout the day. Right before she went up to Mike at their first look, I told her that she could say anything to him: tell him to turn around, go up and hug him, tap him on the shoulder, etc. Whatever she felt like doing. She thought about this for about 0.5 seconds and then said, “I know what I’ll do. You know that Cards Against Humanity card that says, “Mr. Clean, right behind you?” I’ll say that.” And she did. And they both burst out laughing. And it was our first (and possibly last, but I hope not) first look that Cards Against Humanity and/or Mr. Clean, and it was perfect.

Lara and Mike have a really genuine connection and keep each other laughing and giggling and they’re just PRECIOUS. They wanted pictures by the cows. We asked, “What’s your favorite thing about cows?” to which they both looked at each other and went, “MOOOOOO” at exactly the same time. I don’t even know. I just know they’re the best. Because of their love for New Orleans, this wedding had a Second Line (brought to you by Bulltown Strutters who were MAGIC) and a ton of beads (the beads I wore for most of the night were green and shaped like beer mugs). Lara sported a parasol that she was pretty thrilled with. The weather was perfect and the food was delicious and there was even a girl named Carolyn from Pittsburgh who was present. You just can’t beat it. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Date: May 6, 2018
Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Fearrington // Pittsboro, NC
Mike’s Occupation: Professor
Lara’s Occupation: Doctor
How You Met: Tinder!
Officiant: Anna McFarland
DJ: Ninety Nine Entertainment // Jim Unger
Florist/Cake/Catering: Fearrington
Makeup: OnLoKtion Makeup // Pam Hung
Coordinator: Gilda McDaniel
Second Line Band: Bulltown Strutters

We’ve been looking forward to working with Elizabeth and David for some time, and this was amplified when Elizabeth showed up to put her dress on wearing a white jumpsuit similar to painters coveralls and fashionable sunglasses, and it only got more fashiony from there. This means KILTS! This was our first wedding with kilts (which is kind of astonishing that there have been no kilts in our 10 year wedding career!) and we were thrilled. Elizabeth’s family has strong Scottish ties, so they showed up in the tartan pattern of their clan (read: a specific plaid for those who aren’t Scottish) and rocked the kilts. Of course, David’s family is Italian, so they later did what they could to join in the ancestral fashion fun by outfitting David in an cummerbund sporting the colors of the Italian flag and singing “That’s Amore.”

There was so much more to love at this wedding too! Elizabeth sporting a giant bow dress with a V-neckline! BAGPIPES! A fab and super secret rooftop access point with wonderful views of downtown Raleigh! FUN PARTY EARRINGS. A band who played not only Steely Dan, but also complicated Paul Simon songs and U2, all while being named after everyone’s favorite childhood toy! A bunch of people from Erie, Pennsylvania! Also, a kid named Angus who became very obsessed with Geoff’s name. I overheard him repeatedly yelling out, “Geoff! Geoff! Geoffff! Geoff! Geoff! GEOFFGEOFFGEOFF” and later asked Geoff what this was about, only to find out that he had earlier had the conversation where Angus said, “What’s your name?” and Geoff said, “Geoff,” and Angus said, “Wow, cool name.” And Geoff said, “Is that your name?” to which Angus replied, “No, it’s Angus. It’s Scottish beef.” This is why I love weddings. From the bows to the Scottish beef and more. We were so happy to be a part of this lovely celebration with the incredible Elizabeth and David, and all their family history!

Date: April 28, 2018
Ceremony Venue: Duke Chapel // Durham, NC
Reception Venue: CAM // Raleigh, NC
David’s Occupation: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Duke
Elizabeth’s Occupation: Recently received a Master’s degree in School Counseling at NCCU
How You Met: Mutual friend & wedding party attendant, Jonathan Folley. David says 2006 at a New Years Eve party (Elizabeth sat next to him at one point). Elizabeth says 2012 at a pre-Thanksgiving party when they chatted it up over PBR’s at Raleigh Times.
Interesting Fact: Ask them your self! …over a beer and tacos from the nearest food truck.
Honeymoon: Seattle & San Juan Islands
Officiant: Reverend Dr. Lisa Hebacker
DJ: Mr. Potato Head
Florist: Bloom Works
Cake:Catering Works
Caterer: Catering Works
Wedding Coordinator: Meghan Hadley
Invitations+Wedding Programs: Alison Haszinski, One+Only Paper
Ceremony Pipe Band: Piobadh na Triantan
Clogs: Bryr Clogs
Make-up: Julie Robbins Makeup
Hair: Steven Paul Norton
Spray Tan: Tansformations

Caity and Kevin had the best weather ever for their December engagement session so I guess it only figures that it would come back and bite us later. Their wedding day was collllld and produced a constant rain that went kinda sideways under umbrellas so we didn’t go out in it much. Also, we were all freezing. But, because it was so cold, Caity decided to wear her badass colored leggings under her wedding dress on a whim which was highly encouraged by myself and all her bridesmaids because YES. She also occasionally busted out a pink leather jacket which was also praised and adored. And, because Caity and Kevin are very clever and thought ahead about things, the Rigmor House was decorated beautifully inside and allowed for plenty of colorful photo ops. Despite the dreariness outside, we were happy and colorful and warm INSIDE OUR HEARTS (and inside the Rigmor House). So much color, all the color, flag bunting forever and ever amen.

So a grand time was had by all – there was dancing and donuts and floral bridesmaid dresses and Rifle Paper Co. Keds that I’m currently ordering for myself and a dream team of vendors, some of which are friends and former clients of ours – and everyone had a wonderful time. Caity and Kevin didn’t let the rain get them down. They knew the most important thing about the day was each other, and that’s what makes a wedding run smoothly despite any sort of technical hitches you may run into. Also, it’s pretty brilliant to plan your wedding outside but to make sure that it’ll still look badass if you have to move it inside. Their use of color and whimsy in their decor was fantastic and made the interior quite happy. Everyone danced the night away, and the lucky ones among them stayed overnight at the Rigmor House, so they didn’t even need to leave (also brilliant to have your venue double as a hotel). We are so happy to have worked with these guys and wish them all the best in life and love and with their cat Haley who is really fluffy and cute.

Date: April 7, 2018
Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Rigmor House // Chapel Hill, NC
First Dance Song: “There Are Many Ways to Say I Love You” – Sylvan Esso
Kevin’s Occupation: Science and math teacher at Duke Hospital School
Caity’s Occupation: Occupational therapist for Durham VA Homeless Programs
How You Met: Caity messaged Kevin on OkCupid, our first date was at Geer St Garden and Cocoa Cinnamon!
Interesting Fact: We have a hilarious tortie cat named Haley who is friendly and feisty. Caity used to play flute in a salsa band. Kevin uses his chemistry knowledge to turn fire green. Kevin can lick his left elbow and either of anybody else’s elbows.
Honeymoon: Considering Banff! Or Idaho! Or Utah!
Officiant: NC Secular Weddings
DJ: DJ Ryan the DJ
Florist: Bluebird Meadows
Cake: Donuts from Rise
Caterer: Happy Cardinal Catering
Hair/Makeup: The Makeup Culture
Coordinator: The Details Events
Wreath: Haw River Wreath Co
Ties, Pocket Squares, Lapel Pins: Natty Neckware