Melissa and Jackson are two rain proof kids in both mind and spirit. The forecast was unusually cold for March, but also called for an epic downpour to start riiiiight at the time of their first look. Geoff and I were optimistic – rain almost always get pushed back, and all we needed was for it to hold off an hour. But, because this is how the weather seems to be rolling so far in 2018, the rain started right at the first look, and continued on through their pictures. Then I promised Melissa that there was an alley nearby that had a fish mural. But… the city had painted over it to be a plain yellow. Then they got excited about the weird fruit and vegetable and strange faces mural behind it, but there were cars in every. single. spot. in front of the wall. But then! Thennn!

Because Melissa and Jackson are so badass, they stayed super positive and super wonderful and super friendly despite all of this! And so did their bridal party! And it was cold! And wet! And YET WE MARCHED ON. Equipped with nothing but clear umbrellas and a will of steel, we blocked traffic in City Market and did what we came there to do. We took pictures in that plain yellow alley that used to have the fish! BOOM! Then a car moved and we were able to shoot in front of the weird veggie faces wall! BAM! And Melissa’s dress was absolutely soaked afterward and so were her shoes, so we called in a favor to the wonderful ladies we just photographed at the Design Gallery Salon just recently, and they were so kind as to throw Melissa’s Toms in a dryer for a few minutes while they used several blow dryers on the bottom of her dress. :) TA-DA!

It was a good, good day with good, good people who also like cats. These guys are moving back to North Carolina from Ohio later this year and we’re glad to repopulate the city with more happy-go-lucky people like them. PLUS LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE.

– Date: March 24, 2018
– Ceremony + Reception Venue: 214 Martin Street // Raleigh, NC
– First Dance Song: “Carolina in My Mind ” – James Taylor
– Occupations: PhD students, soon to be postdocs
– How You Met: In a math class at UNC
– Interesting Fact: We’re brewery fans. Our favorite thing to do in a new city is check out local beer.
– Honeymoon: Austria

Officiant: Terri Hollingsworth, family friend
DJ: Al Sibille, Epic DJ Entertainment
Florist: Eucca on Etsy
Cake: Groovy Duck Bakery
Caterer: 214 Martin Street
Hair/Makeup: Junction Salon

LEMONS AND LEMONS AND LEMONS and oh so many wonderful people exist in California, but none quite so great as Caitlyn+Jasmine. We happily and excitedly present to you our very first (of what we can only hope will be many more) California wedding. And our sneaking suspicions of how easy it is to be a photographer on the west coast have 100% been confirmed as literally every place we saw in Southern California was beautiful. But our job was especially easy because not only was our scenery gorgeous (lemons! mountains!) but our subjects were as well (Caitlyn! Jasmine!). You may remember them from their engagement session in Chapel Hill, NC where they gained many fans of their tattoos (we still get people who ask us about them). So how’d we get from North Carolina to California? Caitlyn was stationed at Fort Bragg at the time, and Jasmine was in NC after just finishing a master’s in Iceland when we did their session in Chapel Hill. But they both originally grew up in Southern California, and wanted to get married there before jet-setting off again to new and exciting places.

We are so lucky to have had a wedding out in CA, and also so lucky that the weather cooperated! After many fires in the area this past fall, Mother Nature decided to douse this particular area with rain surrounding the wedding. But luckily it cleared up for the wedding (yay!) and we were left with some beautiful haze. Limoneria Ranch is a wedding venue situated between acres and acres of citrus ranch land in California. It has mountains in the background and more lemons than you’ve ever seen. Also, lemons apparently come with a lot of thorns, which is something we quickly discovered when they kept piercing the soles of my shoes and going into my feet. Who knew? Probably every Californian reading this. I’ll wear more appropriate footwear next time. Besides beautiful mountains and all of the lemons, almost everyone at the wedding had a fun accent but us (they flew in from all over the world!). They were honored with adorable signs on all of the tables and the cutest bird-themed place cards we ever did see. Everyone danced the night away under the open sky and ate s’mores by a fire, and it was everything we thought a California wedding should be. We love you, Caitlyn and Jasmine! Thank you for introducing us to a bit of California life.

– Date: March 9, 2018
– Ceremony + Reception Venue: Limoneira Ranch // Santa Paula, CA
– First Dance Song: “I Love You Always Forever” – Betty Who
– Caitlyn’s Occupation: Public affairs sergeant/photojournalist for the US Army
– Jasmine’s Occupation: Fancy map stuff/researcher and PhD candidate at the University of Southeast Norway.
– How You Met: We were friends in high school, lived down the street from each other and got together our third year of college (despite going to colleges across the country from each other)
– Interesting Fact: We have explored 10 different countries together! Jasmine just finished studying volcanoes in Iceland for graduate school. She loves cheese, rabbits, and geography. Caitlyn can do 42 pushups in 2 minutes, and loves birds and craft beer.
– Honeymoon: New Zealand

Officiant: Denise Hayes (Jasmine’s step-mum)
DJ: DJ Keelez
Florist: Unique Floral Designs
Cake: The Butter End Cakery
Caterer: Plated Events by Chef Jason
Wedding Planner: Golden Poppy Events (Sara Beveridge)