This family is near and dear to my heart because they are 100% ridiculous and remind me of my own family. They have never taken themselves seriously any time I’ve worked with them, and they keep me laughing the entire time without fail. I feel very at home with them… fake guns and all. Julie and Robert are the parents of Hannah and Ben. Ben is married to Jennifer, and together they have a son named Dalton. There are also three dogs involved… one of which hates when you hold anything in your hand, but thankfully was distracted from my camera by Julie’s assortment of sunflowers, which he promptly and aggressively destroyed. We took these in Julie and Robert’s beautiful backyard where they built large block buildings (that were immediately torn apart by Dalton and his “The Orange One” Ninja Turtle), played hide and go seek, and played a board game that involves robbing people and included fake guns (FAKE GUNS! No one gave a real gun to a child here, people, relax, they’re made of wood). Dalton did not want to be involved in the pictures whatsoever so we had to trick him by making him choose superhero poses for the rest of his family members and instruct them in the front. It worked but only for like 8 seconds. I love these guys.

dog jumping

Faye and Sean are two adorably lovey humans who decided on a courthouse wedding, but then kinda morphed it overtime into a gorgeous little elopement at the Mayton Inn in downtown Cary. The first time it was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence, but their rain date ended up being sunny and warm. We met them at the Mayton Inn where they had a first look, and wanted some pictures inside and outside the hotel before their ceremony. Faye and Sean are both energetic and smiley, and they have the hobbies to match. Faye volunteers at the Duke Lemur Center and loves dinosaurs, unicorns, and their two cats. She also loves Sean, who she calls her own personal superman. Sean is hilarious, good humored, and was happy to participate in all cuddling. Their wedding ceremony was held inside the Mayton Inn, and then their reception involved a lovely dinner on the porch at dusk. Their cake which was adorned by two fearsome yet adorable plastic dinosaurs donned in a top hat and veil, made by Faye’s mother. We wish these two nothing but the best, and we hope they enjoy their honeymoon in Mexico!