We were lucky enough to come across these two by way of Kaylene and Brandon! Jen was Brandon’s neighbor when they lived in Georgia. After Georgia, we kind of lose track of Jen’s whereabouts. :) Aaron’s from Ohio, but after Ohio we kind of lose track of him too. :) Before you think we’re bad people who just don’t pay attention to our clients, know that both Jen and Aaron are military, so cut some slack! It gets confusing after about four states. :D

Jen’s currently in the Air Force in HR and Aaron’s a paratrooper in the Army. They met in college and right now are having to be apart for a little while due to military obligations (Jen just returned from deployment and Aaron is currently getting deployed shortly). They’re currently planning a spring wedding in Charleston, SC. It’s a hard schedule but when you’re as completely adorable as these guys, you can see why it’s easy for them to stay together. :) We had an amazing time getting to know them on what was a beaaaautiful sixty-some degree February day in Durham.