Durham Branding Photographer

Carolyn Scott is a Durham branding photographer. She specializes in candid and editorial branding photography in the Triangle area (Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, etc). Carolyn’s work has been published in several popular books and magazines, including Apartment Therapy, BuzzFeed, and Fangoria. Locally, she’s been voted Best Photographer in Durham Magazine’s Best Of Durham and INDY Week’s Best of the Triangle. She lives in South Durham with her husband Geoff and three cats.

For those of you who keep up with my blog, you’re already familiar with my videographer friends over at Big Dog Little Bed Productions. I’m so grateful to have done a lot of branding photos for Janice and her team over the years, not just because Janice is a friend and an awesome woman, but also because she has extremely cute dogs. Like, really cute dogs. Murphy is the little dog, and he is an extremely good dog model. He looks wherever you want him to. He’s eager to please and seems to realize he’s dog modeling, and does the absolute best that he can. He head-tilts. He puppy-eyes. He lifts his chin and moves for more flattering angles. Murph will do anything that is required of him, and he’ll be proud of himself for this. Toby, the big fluffy pile of fluff, on the other hand, is a terrible model but is so profoundly and stupidly cute that I can barely function around him. He knows I love him so he ignores me, which makes me love him more. He displays a visible, near-constant eye-roll, especially when anyone hugs him. He does not want his picture taken at all and often just puts his butt to the camera and stands there. Janice’s boyfriend’s dog name George was also there and snuck in a few cute pictures as well, but again, was not up to the modeling standards that Murphy clearly sets for dogs.

When I’m not fawning over all present dogs, I am helping Janice take photos for her website, newsletters, social media, etc. We’ve worked in her office for the past couple of years but we shot in her beautiful new home this time and it was incredible! Every inch of that place is gorgeous. We shot some workin’ shots of Janice and Tyler meeting with some clients (thanks to Lauren and Emily for their modeling skills!) and some dog-hugging shots for Big Dog Little Bed’s 2020 year. BDLB does AMAZING marketing films as well as strategy and coaching for small business when it comes to content, so if you’re a business looking to get yourself more visible via video, they’re hands down who I would recommend. Also you might get to meet Toby (bring a lint roller though).

I meant Patrycja last week to do a mini headshot session with her, and even though it was just 20 minutes, we quickly bonded over cats and gluten-free cookies. :) Patrycja is a real estate agent in Apex (see her website and availabilities here!) and wanted a quick refresh on her headshot. She’s originally from Poland, and moved to the area from California with her husband. She loves traveling and helping people find their ideal homes with her real estate business. Her cat Charlie is, hands down, one of the friendliest cats I’ve ever met in my entire life and was the best feline assistant I’ve ever had. It was so nice meeting Patrycja and helping her with her new headshots!

Ben // Durham, NC Headshots

I had the opportunity to do updated headshots for Ben, and we had a great time! Ben recently moved to Durham from Austin, TX and was quick to tell me about their bats. :D He’s a psychotherapist who’s setting up shop in the Bull City and we’re lucky to have him! In his spare time he enjoys cooking and both playing and listening to music. His adorable young daughter joined us for the session and was happy to apply fake makeup to her dad until she felt he was picture-worthy. Thanks for doing your mini headshots with me, Ben!