This was my first time meeting and photographing Jordan, Blair, and Jameson, and it was such a delight! Jameson just turned one and he’s a total camera ham who loves to giggle and hang out with Bandit, his puggle with the best underbite. He’s also into feeding his parents Cheerios and attacking them with lightsabers, crawling up the stairs quickly and without permission the second the baby gate is opened, wrestling with Chewbacca, and splashing around his water table and the neighborhood pool. He was so fun to photograph and he was a total champ on this hot summer day! In between shots of Jameson, Blair also fed Bandit chunks of watermelon, which was very adorable to watch. I’ve never seen a dog be so excited about watermelon, or even eat watermelon at all. He was into it. When not eating watermelon or following his family around, Bandit likes to hang out underneath Jameson’s high chair and wait for additional scraps of food to accidentally make their way down to him. This family is so sweet and we had a great time talking gardens and Star Wars between photographs. So happy I got to be a part of their photo history.

THESE GUYS! We have become fast friends with this family through our mutual love of horror movies and rock music and cats and fun clothes and cheese and skeletons and 28 Days Later. We love them very much. Their children are A TOTAL BALL OF ENERGETIC FUN that could probably power a small country if someone could figure out a way to plug them into the power grid. They’re fast. They’re wild. They like Andrew WK dance parties and they’re obsessed with the movie Labyrinth. There has never been anyone in my entire life that’s ever been more excited to see me than Oz. Spoiler alert to my own self-esteem: I think maybe Oz is excited to see everyone, but I’m going to keep pretending that he likes me the most.

Both Vera and Oz launch straight into 10 minute overlapping monologues when I see them, and then once I’ve been whirlwind updated and usually assigned a pair of sunglasses or a specific spot that they’d like me to sit, they will usually take turns sitting with me and telling me about Pokemon or Peppa the Pig until they go to bed. They are absolute sweethearts and totally wild and I hope they never change. The entire family, like myself, loves what Christie calls “aggressively patterned” colorful clothes, and I think this is the best description ever. There are also 2 cats: Eggroll, who is my best friend forever orange boy, and Jayne, who is a beautiful white cat who also likes me but really also loves her sleeping spot in the closet. There are also 2 dogs: Butters and Klaus, both Corgis, both love eating hot dogs that Vera accidentally drops on the floor. I love them all and want to scoop up this entire family and give them a giant hug or live with them forever in a bounce house.

Sara and Joe are some of our best friends and neighbors. Wonderful movie-watchers, concert-goers, and extremely reliable when you text them on vacation because you left your alarm on and it’s been going off for hours and the cats are upset, or there’s an invasion of ants in your kitchen. We adore them. Geoff and I photographed their wedding back in 2015 (!) and then we ran into Joe in the parking lot of Harris Teeter at like, 10pm some random weeknight a year later and then we all started hanging out. They’re good people and we love them. And now they have Julian, a toddler who is constantly competing for Cutest Baby in the Land, and does so by growing his eyes bigger every day. He is… INSANELY cute. It’s like if you were to ask someone to draw a very cute toddler, it would just be a picture of Julian. Julian is obsessed with cats (the only way to be) and spends his time frantically chasing after his older feline siblings, Cloud and Usagi, while calling after them in a comically high-pitched voice. It’s my favorite thing to witness. The cats aren’t sure how to handle this yet. Max the dog, however, dutifully follows Julian around, waiting for him to drop a bit of food on the ground that he can pick up. Max is one of my very favorite dogs, and was the first dog to ever cuddle with me. He still cuddles with me during movies and it continues to be a great honor. I love all the people and animals that live in this house, and it was so fun to photograph them all in one space. Thank you guys – for turning off my alarm and for being great friends.