I am so excited and honored to have worked with author Amy Peterson on a headshot for her second book, Where Goodness Still Grows, coming out in 2020! It’s a look at evangelical church culture today, and specifically the divide between the views of an older generation of evangelicals and millennials. I absolutely love doing author headshots. As an avid reader, the author headshots on book jackets have always been one of my favorite parts, as they’re a small visual glimpse into this person who has been speaking to you for weeks (or months or years, depending on how long it’s taking you to read – hah!). I can’t believe I’m helping readers feel the same way about their authors now. It’s a true honor, and I’m excited to do it. Amy is a passionate author, teacher, and speaker (as well as a delightful human being who has a lot of really cool eyeglasses). You can learn more about her on her website here, and you can preorder Where Goodness Still Grows from Amazon now! Here are some of my favorite shots of Amy.

When Kristen first wrote me, she told me that she runs a consulting business for dog business owners. And I wrote back, “Wait, what?” First of all, I did not really know that there was an industrial complex known as a dog business. Second of all, I did not know AT ALL that there were indeed coaches! conferences! consulting! branding businesses! ALL built for and around people who own the dog businesses! What! My head exploded and my world got a little bigger. Kristen Lee is, in fact, a dog biz consultant. She helps dog business owners, especially women, find their voice in the industry. She helps them brand themselves and their businesses to take them to the next level. I find it completely fascinating. Kristen came from the corporate world and has been putting her skills to use for the doggo businesses for years, and now she’s developed a following, speaking at conferences and consulting near and far. Part of that following is based on her badass, wild child personality. She’s confident, determined, and likes to give the finger a lot (part of her message of disrupting the norms in the dog business industry). I’m thankful to have been able to update her headshots to reflect her confidence and personality. And of course, if you or someone you know has a dog walking business and are interested in branding, visit Kristen Lee Consulting to learn more!

We met Janice at a wedding we shot a couple years ago (how has it been so long?) and we liked her a lot. Then we found out her business name and we liked her even more despite the fact that we don’t have any dogs. Janice is the mastermind/owner/videographer behind her business Big Dog Little Bed Productions, aptly named after her bigger dog always tried to sleep in Murphy’s bed (you guessed it – Murphy is the little dog). The bigger dog whom the company is named after is unfortunately no longer with us, but she did adopt another bigger dog named Toby who is… well… he’s my new boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it yet.

But anyway – Janice is an absolutely wonderful videographer to work with and produces amazing videos all while being super unobtrusive and adorable. So when she wrote us to confess her love for our photo skillz, we were more than happy to work with her. The goal was to take some headshots and promo stills for her to use for her website (some of which took place in her coworking space Mercury Studio in downtown Durham and some of which were taken at her home, which she renovated and designed herself) and also to take some photos of the pups. Enjoy the cuteness all around!