Ben // Durham, NC Headshots

I had the opportunity to do updated headshots for Ben, and we had a great time! Ben recently moved to Durham from Austin, TX and was quick to tell me about their bats. :D He’s a psychotherapist who’s setting up shop in the Bull City and we’re lucky to have him! In his spare time he enjoys cooking and both playing and listening to music. His adorable young daughter joined us for the session and was happy to apply fake makeup to her dad until she felt he was picture-worthy. Thanks for doing your mini headshots with me, Ben!

Maura and MoPups NC

Maura surrounds herself with dozens of doggos on a daily basis and clearly has the cutest of all jobs. She’s basically Snow White, but with literally every type of dog. Big dogs, little dogs, happy dogs, anxious dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs, fluffy dogs… they all love her. And she loves them. She loves them so much that she just bought a house with a yard large enough to accomodate said doggos for playtime because she’s the mastermind behind MoPups NC, a dog sitting and walking business! So because she also has a cute job, I, too, got to have a super cute job for a day because in between some sitting and walking time with said adorable doggos, I took some headshots of Maura for her various business ventures. In between nearly every pose, she was approached by Sadie, her sweet golden retriever, with either a frisbee or a ball or a smaller ball that was contained within a larger plastic ball. It was adorable and fluffy and Sadie made for the cutest of all photography assistants. Sadie also got some play time in with her friend Max and even more doggo friends back at Maura’s house! It was like the running of the bulls, but with SO MUCH FLUFF INSTEAD. Maura clearly has a great reputation with her clients and the doggo world (she is, in my opinion, a great dog whisperer indeed) and it was a joy to take her photographs AND the photographs of so many fluffs in the process.