Banff National Park

We went to Canada in late September and all we got was a case of Covid and some iPhone pictures. Here they are. Banff, though beautiful, is extremely crowded (all of these photos have throngs of tourists carefully framed out of the picture). For every outrageously gorgeous lake, there’s a woman changing her winter outfit into a more Instagrammable-one and having her friend take 5,000 model poses of her right next to us. It’s a very strange feeling to be in such a wild, vast place in such a densely packed crowd. It’s not ideally how we’d experience nature, but it was absolutely beautiful nonetheless. There are so many very isolated places to go in Banff if you want to go truly off the beaten path, but the main attractions are the main attractions for a reason, so you have to tolerate the large groups of people. Despite that, we’re feeling enormously grateful for our ability to travel and for our trip to see this gorgeous part of the world. Thanks to everyone who text us on our trip to make sure that we weren’t eaten by a bear.

Pictured: Calgary (to see Coheed & Cambria), Drumheller, Banff National Park, Yoho National Park, and Kootenay National Park.

All photos taken/edited on my iPhone.

OUR FRIENDS. Love these guys. Have photographed them for a long time now. Have a new baby in tow. He’s super cute. He hangs through our scary movie nights like a champ and loves making zombie noises. Have a precious toddler in tow whom I love very much and who calls most carbonated drinks “spicy” and likes to change into his Halloween clothes before I come over to impress me sometimes. Jen and Jon and their kids are like family to us, and we celebrate holidays and good times and bad times and eat amazing food together and overanalyze where to put our favorite stickers and watching really bad movies and sometimes good movies and I’m so glad we have them (and their dog SamSam, not pictured but received many treats after the shoot) in our lives.

I caught up with this crew a few weeks ago to do a family photo session at their new home in Durham! The kids are loving it there – they have a great front and back yard and an awesome pool! The pool was closed for the season but maybe someday I’ll see it in full swing. There was a lot of fun to be had in their playroom with a bouncy trampoline gym type thingy and balance blocks, and they also have their own Pilates room since Crystal is a Pilates instructor! We also did some stomp rockets, played croquet in their yard, ate some snacks, and played Dog Bingo, which might be one of the best types of Bingo (their dog Atlas certainly thinks so). Had a great time seeing these folks again!