Always a great joy and privilege to photograph the next generation of cat lovers in the United States. I’ve known Melissa and Jackson for quite some time (we photographed their weddings several years ago and Melissa was my very first sale at Familiar Dolls back in 2020!). We keep in touch by talking about cats and running into each other at Target. Our cats are super important to us and so it’s with great joy that I see Melissa and Jackson imparting their love of the feline community onto their daughter. In typical cat fashion, Pluto and Toffee joined us for a lot of this shoot by watching whatever I was doing from 10 feet away, and in typical almost-toddler fashion, their daughter crawled excitedly toward them whenever she could (because they’re CUTE). When we weren’t admiring cats, we were busy admiring ducks or herons, books, bubbles, water tables, and plants on walks. Happy to spend a morning with this beautiful family!

When I was little, there was no better summer day that one that was spent in the water and ended in pizza. It was fun to relieve those times with Taylor and Emily and their kids a few weekends ago. Lots of water guns, a kid who unfortunately knows full well how to work the most extreme setting of the garden hose, and a mom not afraid to dump the entire bucket of water on said kid. Oh, and cute dogs. All culminating in eating pizza cut with scissors in diapers at the dining room table. Good vibes all around on a summer evening. Happy to be there to capture it for them.