This beloved family of mine! Well, technically they aren’t my own family, but they are my clients and they have taught us how to make some of the best cocktails we know how to make, so they’re basically family. There was also a brief mention of them possibly inserting Geoff into the background of their Christmas card with the intention of telling people that they recently adopted a 36 year-old software engineer. Maybe next year. You guys remember these folks from our million past sessions with them (go look at that link if you want to reverse time and see Laurel and Sam when they were SO LITTLE – I can feel myself embarrassing them as we speak). We love them and adore them. They went through a lot of heartache last year after losing their beloved Frenchie named Frank, but after a while they decided it was time to add a new Frenchie to the mix, and they recently adopted Simon. Simon is a little ball of sturdy muscle and cuteness. He just turned one, so they threw him a little party. He was mildly impressed. We were much more thrilled than he was to see him wear a birthday hat.

I’m so happy to have Dr. Judy Brangman back for a second year of branding photos for her business, The Plant Based MD. I worked with her first back in 2018 and am so glad she’s kept in touch ever since! Judy is absolutely delightful – a thoughtful woman who’s passionate about health and wellness via an entirely plant-based diet. She might know more about fruits and vegetables than anyone I know, and she certainly knows how to prepare them in all sorts of different ways. Judy’s been looking to shoot inside her kitchen for a while and we finally got our schedules together to make it happen. She showed up with 2 entirely full bags of fruits and vegetables and we got to work! It’s fun to listen to her talk about different recipes she makes (she has an easy tofu marinating recipe) and how different veggies impact your health directly. To learn more, please visit her site and follow her on social media! Judy is always posting new tips and info.