I’ve known Lacie for years through my work with the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, and she’s one of the happiest, bubbliest humans I’ve had the pleasure to know. I’m always excited to see her whenever I do work for the DRA or whenever I randomly run into her in downtown Raleigh. I had met her husband Adam during one of these random run-ins (I believe outside of The Pour House, which he owns), but I was excited to spend more time getting to know him during his and Lacie’s newborn shoot with their son Desmond. Turns out that Adam is equally as amazing as Lacie, and also has very incredible hair. Desmond has a little bit of hair, but I’m kind of surprised that he didn’t come out with some sort of flowing mane as a nod to both his parents. He does, however, have baby eyebrows! Adorable. He was very excited and interested in what we were doing, so he wasn’t a big fan of sleeping except for a.) when he was held or b.) whenever Adam would put on Surfer Rosa by The Pixies. I have 100% confidence that he’s going to be a super cool kid because his parents are, plus he’ll be attending a lot of shows at The Pour House sporting his adorable baby headphones. A huge congratulations to Lacie and Adam, and a big welcome to the world to little baby Desmond (also a big big pet and a “WHO’S A GOOD BOY” to doggo Mud).

A lot of you know that my background is actually in elementary education, so I was super excited to turn my wedding photography business into a family portrait business earlier this year. And through focusing on family photography, I’m having such a great time working with kids again! I love meeting them as they’re all totally different, but universally hilarious.

Abby and Sammy were no different, but they have the additive qualities of being such strong little kids! Abby has Down syndrome and was diagnosed with leukemia last year. She’s been going through treatment and recently got home from the hospital. Abby is so strong and brave, but above all, so happy! Her mom warned me that she might be shy around the camera, but she was not! She laughed and giggled and loved to tell me hi, and then, like a 4-going-on-14-year-old, retreated to her laptop and wanted us all to leave her alone. :D Her younger brother Sammy is supportive and loves his big sister! He also loves blowing bubbles and playing with puzzles and cars. He has a phenomenal head of hair, so part of the reason for this portrait shoot was to document his lovely hairdo before his first haircut. Both kiddos also celebrated birthdays recently, so a portrait session was a must, and I’m happy to have gotten the chance to work with these two great kids.

Michelle is yet another strong businesswoman in the Triangle area who I’ve had the privilege of getting to know during her branding photos, and I’m a more educated person for it! Michelle has had quite the interesting life already, having lived in New York City, Singapore, and Hong Kong. She’s traveled quite extensively with her husband and her son, and now they chose Durham as their new home so their son can be closer to his grandparents. And we are so lucky to have her here!

Michelle’s a content marketer for a tech company that focuses on eCommerce logistics, and she writes a lot of blog posts and publications online (which you can read on her website!). She’s also a devoted mother to Xavier and a big fan of moose. Yep, moose. She once went on a moose safari in Maine but saw no moose (I found this to be very sad because I just picture everyone on this moose safari to be SO EXCITED to find a moose and alas, not a single moose). In addition to being crazy good at her job and in her profession, she’s also gorgeous AND it was just her birthday. So join me in wishing this talented lady a happy belated birthday, and I’m so glad I could do these branding photos for her!