Always a great joy and privilege to photograph the next generation of cat lovers in the United States. I’ve known Melissa and Jackson for quite some time (we photographed their weddings several years ago and Melissa was my very first sale at Familiar Dolls back in 2020!). We keep in touch by talking about cats and running into each other at Target. Our cats are super important to us and so it’s with great joy that I see Melissa and Jackson imparting their love of the feline community onto their daughter. In typical cat fashion, Pluto and Toffee joined us for a lot of this shoot by watching whatever I was doing from 10 feet away, and in typical almost-toddler fashion, their daughter crawled excitedly toward them whenever she could (because they’re CUTE). When we weren’t admiring cats, we were busy admiring ducks or herons, books, bubbles, water tables, and plants on walks. Happy to spend a morning with this beautiful family!

I caught up with this crew a few weeks ago to do a family photo session at their new home in Durham! The kids are loving it there – they have a great front and back yard and an awesome pool! The pool was closed for the season but maybe someday I’ll see it in full swing. There was a lot of fun to be had in their playroom with a bouncy trampoline gym type thingy and balance blocks, and they also have their own Pilates room since Crystal is a Pilates instructor! We also did some stomp rockets, played croquet in their yard, ate some snacks, and played Dog Bingo, which might be one of the best types of Bingo (their dog Atlas certainly thinks so). Had a great time seeing these folks again!

I last photographed Sara and Sam back in May of 2015! So much has changed for them since then: different jobs, a different house, and now they have a darling son named Julian. The things that have not changed are Sara’s love for cats, Sam’s love for board games, and that both of them are still two of the nicest people in the world. Julian is busy keeping them on their toes: adorably yet intentionally dropping sweet potato on their beautiful kitchen rug juuuust off his plastic mat where it would be okay if food landed, making them drive him around in his sweet orange convertible race car wagon thing that inexplicably yet awesomely makes engine revving noises when you push the horn, and enjoying listening to his parents read him books about role-playing games. He’s a fast kid – on the verge of deciding whether he wants to walk or crawl everywhere but is fast at both, and clearly a cat lover at a very young age. Cats Biscuit and Miss Poofy (technically titled Lady Esmeralda von Poofington) made appearances: Miss Poofy living up to her dramatic name by suddenly jumping up and walking on the piano and then lounging on the piano bench. And we took some updated headshots of Sara while we were at it – she has a gorgeous new office where she works on astrology. It was so nice to see these guys again and to photograph their clearly very adorable and spunky young son! Also their cats… obviously.