I do believe that this blog post calls for a wonderful celebratory dance as it marks the 7th time I’ve photographed Amy & Ben! Which means I’ve also photographed Lucy & Elaine (adorable cats!) at least four times, and Nathan three times (four times there as well if you count in utero). This is, however, my very first time photographing Avi, and my first time photographing the DeLorean (very important). We had a great time! Last time I saw Nathan, he was pretty young and not yet a NASA engineer/astronaut. Now he’s 5 and definitely a NASA engineer/astronaut. This kid knows more about the scientific and robotic aspects of rockets than any adult I know. I couldn’t follow the science or math of anything he said because I’ve always been more of an English class sort of girl, but it sounded official, and he had many books that he referenced to back him up. I have zero doubt that he will one day go to space. Avi is cool with space and everything, but he’s much more interested in becoming my protege or having any job that requires him to press a lot of buttons. He liked my camera. A lot. He liked taking selfies and he liked pressing the shutter button and he tried multiple times to press the format button and also to take video. Maybe a photographer, maybe a director — definitely in the film industry or at a control switch with the most buttons ever. Oh oh, we could potentially have a brother NASA duo on our hands, and Avi could control the giant switchboard that launches the rockets. There has to be one enormous button to push to launch the rocket, right? I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m sure Nathan does. Love these folks and their brilliant kids and beautiful felines!

It’s only been a few months since I photographed these dear friends of ours, but a lot has happened since November! Jen, Jon, Declan and family doggo extraordinaire SamSam welcomed baby Rhett into the family in April! He is adorable and a very good baby indeed. He stayed awake most of the time I was there; Jen and I presumed it was because he recognized my voice from all of our themed horror movie nights that involve good snacks, and figured good snacks would be involved. SamSam, doggo extraordinaire, knew good snacks would be involved (at least for her), and she was right. Declan wasn’t sure if there would be snacks or not, but he took great delight in alternatively watching big trucks on their road doing construction and running up and down the hallway calling Jon by his first name after he heard me say it. When he wasn’t doing those two things, he was being a phenomenal older brother to Rhett, whom he loves dearly. Declan is genuinely excited to have Rhett around and his spirits aren’t dampened one bit (I’m assuming because Rhett doesn’t know how to operate Declan’s mini Target shopping cart yet). I’m so happy for this new family of 5 and can’t wait to get to know Rhett!

I’ve been photographing Katie and Cameron since 2012 somehow (?!) and I am forever grateful to have clients I’ve known for 11+ years! Katie’s become a good friend of mine as we’ve bonded over our love of cats together through the years. She has a strong love for animals and she and Cameron have Tuna (gray kitty), Chevy (black doggo), and Birdie (brown doggo) together, all of which are the sweetest little creatures! Now Katie and Cameron also have two kids – Grayson, who I photographed back in 2018 when he was little, and Finley, who is the latest addition. Grayson is an extremely happy-go-lucky kid. There doesn’t seem to be anything that phases or bothers him. He is just genuinely happy, smiling, and laughing constantly. He’s super active and loves climbing and wrestling and playing with the dogs, and he’s just an overall great kid. Finley is like a smaller child-version of myself. Totally and completely obsessed with cats. Has wild, untamable hair that’s always in her face. Cries easily when overheated. Likes to pick wildflowers. She is amazing and fierce and I can’t wait to see what cat-related business she starts when she grows up. Together they’re a super sweet sibling duo with incredible parents and I’m so lucky to photograph all of them again at their home. A big thanks to Katie and Cameron for sticking with me for 11+ years. That means so much to me and I appreciate and love ya’ll!