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ikea kittens.

so in between weddings and editing and various business deals and consults of the like, we’ve been attending birthday parties, thanksgiving parties, and having our friends in from out of state. it’s been a busy november so far.

and although i haven’t been having the time to update this daily, i feel like i need to fill people in on some of the more important personal events that happen… like getting your kitten a tent.

hey, most people write about their kids, we write about our kittens. of course, dolfy loves the tent and now frequently camps outside our bedroom door at night in style. it’s just about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. and for 8 bucks, you can’t beat putting your cat up in a classy camoflauge cat tent instead of having him rip giant holes in your laundry hamper.


“holes? in your things? me?”

yes, you’re right, that’s just not any camoflauge… those are pictures of cats, bunnies, and birds. buckles was skepticle at first and still cautiously approaches it like something is going to jump out, but i caught him sleeping in it the other day, so it might be catching on. i really need to get some good pictures of buckles up on here, but i’ll have plenty of time for that once his favorite toy of all time comes out next month: the christmas tree. until then, sweet dreams ikea kittens everwhere.


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