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end-of-summer contest!! :)

finally i have a moment to breathe in order to post the end-of-summer contest. :)

in order to thank the readers of my newsletter and blog, i wanted to give back at the end of this summer and give away one free session of any kind with fifty free 4×6 session prints to one lucky participant. it’s a value of $450. :)

details: below i have posted a blog entry that features my top ten favorites pictures from this year. they’re numbered but in no particular order as it was hard enough to choose ten. :) just comment below on which photograph is your favorite out of the ten listed and why. viola! your name is entered into a program that will pick a random name.

IF you’re on the newsletter reader list, however, your name will be entered twice. write somewhere in the comments that you’re a reader and i’ll check with my list to confirm it.

simple as that! i’ll announce the winner on FRIDAY, AUGUST 13TH via the blog and you’ll receive a free session, an online viewing gallery, and fifty 4×6 prints. you can use this session for anything: senior pics, engagement, pets, family, etc. whatever you want.

rules: you must be within 30 miles of raleigh, nc or pittsburgh, pa to win the session. OR you can also win if you’ll be in raleigh, nc or pittsburgh, pa in the sometime near future. pittsburgh is slightly harder to orchestrate, but if you win, we’ll find a way to get the pictures somehow. :) comments are always welcome from all over the globe, but you either have to live around here or be coming here soon. sorry, uzbekistan!

so again, here are the steps:

1.) live within 30 miles of raleigh or pittsburgh OR be traveling there in the near future.

2.) leave a comment with the number of your favorite photograph below and why.

3.) get your name entered into a drawing to win the free session and prints (name entered twice if you’re on the newsletter mailing list).

4.) winner announced via blog on friday, august 13th!


photography contest


photography contest


photography contest


photography contest


photography contest


photography contest


photography contest


photography contest


photography contest


photography contest

so that’s it! have fun commenting and good luck!


    Nothing Bernadette DeMichiei

    I LOOOOOVE #3! It’s unlike any other wedding picture I’ve ever seen before. It’s so glamorous, and SO AWESOME!

    Nothing Kristen Hil

    #10 is my absolute favorite! It’s cute and gorgeous because of the green color in the flower and in the bright orange (possibly from a bridesmaid’s dress?!). I really love how the middle diamond on the engagement ring is more in focus than any other diamond in the photo.

    Nothing alaska kate

    Number 9….without a doubt! The resemblance to the real Farmer’s Wife painting is just awesome! Their eyes, their expression, the background…it’s beautiful! It’s a contemporary twist on an old concept and I love that. So rad. Not to mention 9 is even my favorite number :)

    Nothing Veda Bharath

    Lucky Number 7! This picture does a fantastic job of capturing the exquisite radiance of my dear wife. She clearly brightened up this otherwise dull space. Because of her I am no longer a one man wolf-pack ;)

    Nothing Maria Barefoot

    Hi Carolyn! I love all of them, but I think #2 is my favorite because it’s so creative and I know that I wish I had more creative shots of my husband from our wedding. Plus it’s super romantic :)

    Nothing Amanda Blake

    #6 is the best picture ever! This picture captures one of the amazing moments of the best day of my life. The day I became Mrs. Blake!

    Nothing Betsy Bryan

    I love number 1, not just because they are related to me, but I really like how the background is so dark, and all of a sudden, there they are.

    Nothing Barbara Lodge

    Hard to choose – there is something really special about all of them! My favorite, though, is #9 because of the clever, unexpected and charming modern take on an old American classic.

    Nothing Lesley Coe

    Number 1 very simply captures “something old” & “something new” – the essence of all that a wedding represents for the couple.

    Nothing Beth Santimauro

    I love #5! It captures the feeling of childhood. She is too cute!

    Nothing Kelsey Donald

    #3! Dancing is so romantic and powerful. My fiance and I have a few songs that are ‘our songs’ and remind us of when we first fell in love. Sometimes we just dim the lights and dance. We’re close, in every way. And picture #3 reminds me of this. I love how you captured it on camera!

    Nothing Tamyra Mix

    Well I have to be a little biased and choose number 8!! I love the artistic nature of the photo!! My husband (fiance’ at the time of picture) really enjoyed our photo shoot with Carolyn that day… THANKS CARO!!!

    Nothing Daniel Schenk

    I love number 2. Not because it is my wedding, but it is an awesome picture. You brought me out of my realm and I love it. You are an incredible photographer and so happy we had you!!

    Nothing Renee Schenk

    I’m going to have to go with #2, not just because my husband is so good looking, but I love the style of the picture. It looks very romantic and I love wooded scene. Thanks Caroyln, you did the best job and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Can’t wait to take more pictures with you!!!

    Nothing Trinity Bharath

    Maybe I am biased, but my favorite is number 7. It reminds me of a very fun day.

    Nothing Janelle

    I enjoyed number 2 the most… it’s powerful. You can feel how much he loves her through his eyes.. totally romantic.

    Nothing Tara Edwards

    I vote for #4… mostly because it’s least posed. Just the cat caught in her glory with those wide eyes. It’s just an aesthetically perfect picture.

    Nothing Brinley

    #9. So quirky and creative. I’m willing to bet that that couple laughs a lot.

    Nothing Dottie Cole

    I’m going to have to go with #1 :) but #9 is a close runner up!!

    Nothing Derica Justice

    This is a hard choice! I love them all, but since I have to choose, I pick #2. It is a great shot of the groom and shows the romance & love their special day was filled with!

    Nothing Lindsey Bledsoe

    LOVE #3, really reflects your bright, modern, colorful style and the brand you’ve built.

    (And, oh man I hope I win…I’d totally drive down to Raleigh just to hang out with you for the day. :P)

    Nothing Dinecia Gates

    I absolutely love picture #3! It’s so romantic and surreal. I believe it captures one of the most beautiful moments at the wedding reception; the first dance of many dances as husband and wife!

    Nothing Christina Morgart

    They’re all awesome, but I have to go with #5. That kid is adorable and it looks like she was having a lot of fun

    Nothing Lyndsie Schantz

    Carolyn I love all of your photos but I especially love #10. I love the color and that is such a unique and beautiful way to display the rings.