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Vivi // At Three Years.

YES!! We were so happy to receive an email from Vivi’s parents expressing their desire to hire us yet again to follow Vivi around on a toddler adventure of epic proportions. We did this last year, and it was fantastic. We were warned that Vivi would neither pose nor listen to any photography directions whatsoever, so we were free to follow her around and see where she’d take us. Last year she was into picking up leaves and sticks and running around trying to open the doors to most buildings in the park. She also liked Mr. Geoff. This year she ditched her interest in picking up leaves and is now into picking up little rocks instead. She’s still picking up sticks, but they’re bigger than last year, and instead of trying to open most of the doors, she tried to open¬†every single door she could find anywhere. Most of the time she’d pretend to hit an imaginary buzzer and say, “Ding-dong!” so at least she’s not just barging into the buildings unannounced. Last year it rained on her session, and this year it rained again. Both years she was fine with it. She still likes Mr. Geoff, she’s still adorable, and still has that amazing hair. VIVI TURNS THREE!


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