Branding Questionnaire

Hi, folks! This questionnaire is to help me learn a little bit about you before your session. Please fill it out to the best of your ability. If you have any questions or concerns, please shoot me an email. This questionnaire is due two weeks before your session. Unfortunately, you cannot save this as you go, so you’ll need to do it all in one jump. It’s best to do it closer to the due date than doing it way ahead of time, just to make sure the info is up-to-date. You can submit the questionnaire after you’ve answered the questions by hitting the “submit” button below. Please note that once you’ve submitted the questionnaire, you cannot go back and edit it, but you can send me an email to adjust! Once submitted, you’ll receive a copy of your answers in an email. Thank you! :)
Who are the subjects of this photoshoot?
What’s your business name?
Your branding shoot can take place at your place of business, home, outdoors, or a rental. I highly encourage you to use whatever space represents you and your brand the best. If you’re just starting out, don’t like the feel of the your space, or just have had too many pictures taken there before and want something different, I recommend Peerspace to look for indoor options to rent if you want an office or home feel but don’t want to use your own. They have properties ranging from modern/clean lines/professional office to eclectic home. Unlike Air BnBs, which don’t typically allow rentals for photoshoots, Peerspace has spaces to rent specifically for photoshoots so that you don’t have to worry about the legal rights to use the photos.
Recommendations for light are as follows: if we’re shooting mostly indoors, the best time of day is when the interior of your office/studio/house gets the most light inside, ideally without other light sources. If we’re shooting mostly outdoors, the best time is typically toward the evening, about 2-4 hours before sunset. Shoots are anywhere between 1-3 hours long so please plan accordingly. Please reach out if you have any questions or need advice regarding timing with light.
What’s the business of your business?
Who or what type of people are you hoping to attract with these photos?
Social media? Blog posts? Website? Etc.
How would you like to showcase your business and present it? What are the general vibes you want to give? You’ll get all of these that apply, but just for my own information: but are you most interested in lifestyle photos of you in action, headshots, business space or product photography?
By “activities” I mean jobs you normally do or something that you do at work that you’d like pictures of. What processes are important for your clients to see?
If so, how do you want the props used or how would you like the products to be displayed?
Answer if you know this… don’t answer if you don’t. :) TIPS: Do not wear any highlighter-esque colors (electric yellow, bright orange, bright red, bright pink). Any color you wear will reflect upon your face and the faces of people next to you, so try to stick to earth tones or calmer colors as the main color you wear… accents of bright colors are acceptable).
Sometimes this is good because they’ll help you relax, and also they can carry props if you have them. Sometimes business owners need people to stand-in as clients for shots, too. Or sometimes have anyone there might make you insane or nervous and it’s better not to have anyone there. Up to you!
Yes you have to answer it.
I typically send out a lengthy shoot prep email one week prior to the shoot that will go over everything on this questionnaire and tell you what you need to do. I then send out a text one day before your session to confirm again and check on the weather. If you prefer a phone consult instead of these, speak now or forever hold your peace.