Client Questionnaire

Who are all the subjects in this photoshoot? If there are children, please list ages of kids.
Is this your home, an Air BnB, or someone else's home?
When indoors, the best time of day is when your house gets the most light inside, ideally without other light sources. Try to avoid shooting too close to naptime to avoid crankiness or grogginess.
Let me know the reason for the shoot, as well as anything you'd especially like me to focus on documenting. If you don't know the answer to this, just tell me to do what I do, and I will! :)
Activity lists to jump start your brain are located on the frequently asked questions page for both families and couples! Yes, you must answer this question. Yes, you must choose 3 activities to do together. No, an activity isn't sitting on opposite ends of the couch on your phones. *IF THIS IS A NEWBORN SHOOT WITH NO SIBLINGS: You do not need to choose activities - you will just be busy staying alert and upright and I'll take care of the rest. *IF THIS IS A NEWBORN SHOOT WITH OLDER SIBLINGS: Choose a couple very easy activities with the older kiddo.
TIPS: Wear something you can move in. You'll be sitting, bending down, and moving - if you can't move easily in your clothes or body parts that you don't want people to see are revealed if you do certain movements, pick something else. Avoid any highlighter-esque colors (electric yellow, bright orange, bright red, bright pink). Any color you wear will reflect upon your face and the faces of people next to you, so try to stick to earth tones, jewel tones, or calmer colors as the main color you wear, though accents of bright colors are totally fine. Wearing all the same color will make your torsos all look like one giant blob and also might look like a 1992 JC Penny's ad so watch out for that too.
Do you have any dogs or cats who will be home during the shoot? Are they participating in the shoot? Are they friendly or do they come with any warnings? Should I avoid doorbells or knocking when I initially get there to avoid spooking any of them? I can text upon arrival if that's better!
What do you think would help me better understand your personalities and get better pictures? Feel free to tell me as much or as little as you want... from the incredibly boring to bizarre. :)
Yes you have to answer it. Anything you say can be used against you on the blog. Choose wisely.
CRAZY CHECKBOX ALERT. By checking this box you are acknowledging that you're not bringing an amateur or professional photography friend with you to this shoot. That sounds kind of crazy, but unfortunately enough people attempt to take over shoots or shadow that this now actually warrants a checkbox. Friends and family are welcome to take photos on their phones. Thanks!