>> to prove i’m not winging it

I haven't responded because there are no words. So I'll use emojis: πŸ˜₯😍πŸ˜₯😍 - me, reading the blog post β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ”₯πŸ’― - my thoughts on the photos. In short, we love you and you are amazing and we are in Colorado on vacation while our house is at risk of flooding and the only things we took out of the house for safe-keeping before we left were all the pictures y'all have taken of us and Cam's first birthday guest book. You have documented our little family from right after Cam came home from the hospital to the wild toddler he is now. We cherish the photos you've taken of us and consistently get compliments on how wonderful our family pictures are. So, yeah, super grateful for you as friends and photographers.
Cat + Mitchell Nelson
Carolyn’s professionalism, talent, and genuine enthusiasm is unparalleled. I trust her implicitly with all of Gilded Bridal’s branded photography. And the bonus? She’s a straight up bad ass and a delight to work with!
Susan Langford of Gilded Bridal
Even though I follow you on multiple social media platforms, I somehow don’t get sick of you. Impressive.
Anna totten
CAROLYN!!!!!! I mean really! What more can I say about your creativity!!! You have got to be sh*$#!g me, these pictures are exactly what I envisioned them to be. I'm really trying hard to cut down on my swearing but I'm too excited to use any other words as I look through these pictures. I feel like riding down Franklin St. with my windows down blasting my Lil Wayne cd cuz I feel like the s#*t right now! I don't think Kenny will be joining me but he is as pleased as I am. I love love love you. Thank you for putting up with rock! I'm going to think of another reason for us to take more pictures, lol.
Valerie + Kenneth Stafford
Thanks so much for yesterday. I’ve never felt so comfortable just being me in front of the camera, and I’m so grateful for you guys!!! I swear to god your pictures were the best investment I made in my business this past year. I USE THEM EVERYWHERE and I love what they capture about the business 😊 You are literally the best.
Janice Smith of Big Dog Little Bed Productions
We had a blast with you and just spent some time pouring over the photos in the gallery and they are amazing. It didn't feel like anything super special was happening during the shoot but then *poof*, magic. You caught so many great moments that we will treasure! Thank you so much for capturing where we are in life right now in such a tender, playful way. You're the best!
Elaine Newell
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