We welcome this awesome family to North Carolina from upstate New York with open arms! They are a pretty rad addition to the area and we’re happy to help them come in from the snow. ;) We met them on a sunny weekend morning at their house to photograph them going about their usual business. They moved into the house with the idea of a complete renovation, and it’s become kind of a fun project for them (I’m not sure if they’d use the word “fun” as they’re doing the work themselves, but I kind of love house projects, so I say it looks like fun. Note: This is not an offer of free labor, Jessica and Ron). They’re doing the work as they go and wanted to document this part of their lives in transition, as well as their new move from the north. They’ve already built a pretty fabulous chicken coop in their yard for fresh eggs, and are making full use of the best tire swing ever in their beautifully wooded front yard.

This session gave us the opportunity to meet our first Bullmastiff clients, Lucy and Rudy, who are quite large but not at all fearsome. Lucy is the larger of the two, and she is Rudy’s aunt. Rudy, the “smaller” Bullmastiff, is 4 months old. Go ahead and look at him. He’s four. months. old. He’s already 75% of my bodyweight. Liam can ride the larger dog like a small horse. They’ve commandeered the two giant bean bag chairs in the family room that were meant for the kids, but they look really adorable sleeping in them so nobody cares. The kids are pretty great themselves and spend their time playing video games, wrestling the dogs, painting, and drawing. Lila, slightly unhappy with the candid direction of the shoot, took over the session at the end and started directing everyone into a variety of very dramatic poses in front of the fireplace. Look for her directorial movie debut in about fifteen years.

Geoff and I are absolutely thrilled to be doing our “Day in the Life” family lifestyle sessions! It’s very us, and we have a ton of fun. On this particular adventure, our task was to document the whole family (mom, dad, two grandmas, two grandpas, and an aunt and uncle) as they celebrated the third birthday of their very special fairy soccer princess, Elizabeth. We were invited into their home and had the great opportunity to document tea parties, bubble blowing competitions, the unwrapping of birthday gifts, mad coloring book skills, and even a game of soccer in the park. Elizabeth is one of the most well-behaved and precious children we’ve encountered, but we were also told that her demeanor on the day of our visit was a fluke (or possibly caused by us simply being there, in which case we could possibly be summoned at any point in time to come over and induce Elizabeth into an almost zen-like trance with our presence).

Her parentsLindsey and Jacques, are incredibly awesome people who are SO fun and have an amazing sense of humor (Elizabeth’s bedside books included the complete and unabridged Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos). Her dad even writes amazing comic books! So little Elizabeth couldn’t be growing up in a cooler family (or with a more loving system of family members as well… her grandparents, aunt, and uncle were all delighted with her, even when she covered them in stickers). Elizabeth is very much loved and cherished, and I am so excited for her future self to see the photos of how adored she was by everyone (and how much fun she had as a kid). We’re honored to have had this family has clients!