You might recognize “Banjo Boy” from the homepage of my website, only now he’s a little over 4 years older (*sobs*) and his sister is no longer a baby (*sobs*) and Ruby the Dog is also somehow 4 years older (*sobs*). They are, however, still the best kids – hilarious, super smart, and raised on a steady diet of Garfield comic books. And not the new Garfield, either. We’re talking classic Garfield. You know, the good stuff. They also use Mr. Sketch scented markers (22 scents now!) and had a good time taking off the caps, having me smell the markers, and guess the scent. They play Badminton, which I used to play all the time as a kid. It’s like they’re living a delightfully early 90s childhood with no devices (except Duolingo, which is a favorite – and when it was discovered that I also use Duolingo, I gained a lot of street cred with the boy who then firmly moved me into the “cool” category). Kinda want to move in with them. Scratch that – definitely want to move in with them. You can find me in their backyard on the hammock reading their collection of Garfield comics.