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in pittsburgh!

oh yeah, i left for pittsburgh on friday and am here until monday. :) i unfortunately can’t blog this weekend because i because i forgot my usb connector and watermark, but figured i’d update you guys on some things!

for everyone i can’t see in pittsburgh- it’s my mom’s birthday this weekend and my grandmother is in the hospital recovering from a broken femur/hip issues, so i can’t have any reunions this weekend. there’s also some super exciting news coming that i’m fine tuning this weekend. i can’t promise that i won’t pass out immediately upon returning home to raleigh monday evening, but if i don’t, there will be an exciting blog. if i do, there will be an exciting blog on tuesday instead. :P

the day before i left we had a great bridal shoot with erika whose wedding i’m thrilled to be photographing in october. she’s a super fun girl and the photographs are adorable! we’re waiting to post them until after the wedding though, so her fiancee doesn’t find them and see the dress. :) their wedding is october 31st, so her bridal session will be blogged on november 1st and you can see all of our crazy antics. :)


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