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october is crazy!

okay, so my promises to update everyday except for friday got thrown out the window lately due to an increasingly intense schedule. doing tons of editing, emailing, consulting, post-office-visiting lately and have been super busy. friends were over, more friends were in from out of town, and family moves on in this weekend. wedding in new york the weekend after, then things settle down for a week… then pick back up again. :) it’s a good thing! but unfortunately my faithful blog suffers slightly.

we have all of our wedding stuff to do on top of this and, more importantly, have to start dragging the halloween decorations out of the storage closet. :) of course, i ran out of printer paper, laundry detergent, and dish washing detergent today. this should tell you something about what our lives have been like lately.

i am on to editing photographs of my lovely friend abby and her boyfriend matt from last week! the first pictures from that will be up tomorrow. i’ll be starting them now and finishing just in time to hike it to pittsboro to visit our reverend!  phew!

in the meantime, i’m also burning a cd of laura’s cats that she’ll be finally receiving this weekend when she comes to visit. :)




    Nothing Laura

    awwwww my Lemmy as a baaaaby <3 I love the photos! Logan and Sully looked at them too and enjoyed remembering their childhood days =D


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