The Fuller Kittens.

This is probably the cutest shoot I’ve ever done (no offense, past clients, but you just can’t compare to kittens, okay?). At one point I found myself in a bathroom upstairs with the parents of our previous wedding client Katie, two kittens, and a box turtle named Henrietta. That’s one of those points in your life where you ask yourself, “How did I get here?” It was awesome.

These are the Fuller kittens… furry children of Sue and Fred for Sue’s birthday and picked out by Katie, who is known in her family for picking out the best cats. They are a little over 11 weeks old. Arthur is orange and white. Lily is tortoise shell and white. They’re a brother and sister team of fuzzy goodness and insanity. Their current favorite toy is a stuffed buzzard and an actual rabbit’s ear which we all think is pretty gross but the kittens think it’s fantastic. They wrestle together and play together and sleep together and do everything together and make you want to go out and get kittens RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY.

This was a really fun session for me to shoot. Very close to my hometown and on the riverfront, two adorable dogs, two adorable people, an awesome sunset, and a boat. Not sure it can get much better than that. :)

Jen and Matt are my first ever… rowers. Well, kinda. Matt’s a rower and Jen is a coxswain (It’s the official title of the person who steers the boat and yells the commands and stroke rate to the rowers). They both are members of the Steel City Rowing Club in Verona where they met (all the teams practice at the same dock). Then they went to the same rowing camp in South Carolina where they became really close and have been dating ever since Matt threw Jen in the river (about 2 years – Jen gave him this portrait session as a gift for their anniversary). Matt’s a junior at Oklahoma City University (they have a really good rowing team), and Jen is starting her first year at the University of Pittsburgh as an art history major in the fall. They have two dogs, Matt’s dog Shadow (black) and Jen’s dog Emma (white), who accompanied us for some of the pictures. :)

What’s kind of hilarious for me to see is the way people interact with each other on shoots. 99.9% percent of the time, people tell me that they’re going to be awkward. Or they’re afraid they’ll be awkward. Or they’re worried their significant other will be awkward. Then after that it breaks into two categories: those who are actually awkward, and those who aren’t awkward at all. Jen and Matt, slightly concerned about being unnatural, were some of the most natural people I had ever photographed. It was one of those things where they’d start talking and goofing around and I’d literally have to be like, “Hey. Hey. Hey. Uh, guys? Hey. Ummm?” if I wanted them to move somewhere else or do something. It was awesome. Seriously – ignoring that I’m standing there with a giant camera in your face can’t be easy, but some people manage to do it, and I’m really impressed that these guys did… given that it was their first photoshoot and there were dogs and a shaky dock that was practically in the water and they got completely wet. I like these two and their ridiculously adorable pups a lot. :)

Some of you might remember Wrigley from Lori+Hassan’s engagement session back in January! Wrigley, a little Jack Russell Terrier, is an adddorable bundle of energy the love of this couple’s life! So Lori, a very faithful and wonderful client of mine, wanted to surprise Hassan with a session of Wrigley for his birthday on May 3rd. :) So we took these back in the verrry beginning of March (which is why these photographs look a little more wintery than recent) and I’ve been waiting to share them with you! But Lori broke a few days before Hassan’s birthday and showed them to him early, so I’ve been given permission to blog them now, hehehe.

So here’s Wrigley! Wrigley enjoys her green polka dot ball, cheering for UNC, and dancing around in her tutu. She is the most lovable energenic bundle of cuteness!! And for your information, Wrigley is named after Wrigley Field, as Hassan is a big Cubbies (and baseball!) fan.Raleigh pet photographer

Raleigh pet photographer Raleigh pet photographer Raleigh pet photographer

Surprisingly, Wrigley isn’t motivated by treats. She was more motivated by this little polka dot ball, so I’d have to play tug of war with her in order for her to cooperate for the camera. But I was more than willing since she’s such a sweetheart! And I’d much rather take pictures of doggies doing their own thing than forcing them to sit still and pose. :)

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Best. Picture. Ever.

Raleigh pet photographer Raleigh pet photographer Raleigh pet photographer

Happy (early) birthday, Hassan!!! We hope it is a good one!! :) :)