Angel // A Senior Cat Session

I am so very lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph sweet Angel on December 2nd for some dear friends of ours. Angel belonged to our friend Annie’s grandmother (who you’ll see pictured in a old photograph here with Angel), and when she passed away, Angel went to live with Lois (Anne’s mom) and was frequently visited and cared for by Annie, her husband Michael, and their whole family. Angel was very much adored and lived a wonderful life. She was recently diagnosed with cancer in her jaw, and her family and veterinarian team took the best possible care of her. We thought she might have months, but it turned out to be just a few short weeks, and Angel unfortunately passed away shortly after we took these pictures. We’re so glad we got to photograph her for this family, who’s very close to our hearts, and so glad we got to pet and love on the amazing Angel. She was beautiful and spicy and enjoyed knocking things off bathroom sinks, playing with string, her New York Mets snowman, sitting in boxes and laundry baskets, watching birds, and picking on her dog brother Petey. She will be remembered fondly and dearly missed.

When flipping through these pictures you might ask yourself, “Is this dog real?” or “How much did it cost to get such a life-like mechanical dog who doesn’t seem able to bend any of his limbs but makes such cute facial expressions?” We are here to assure you that Frank the Frenchie is, indeed real, and is living a cushy life in Raleigh, North Carolina where his lives with Jo, Brad, Laurel, and Sam (whom you might knot from “The Lake” part one, and “The Lake” part two). But this, my friends, is not about them. Well, it kind of is, but is mostly about Frank. He is their recently adopted Frenchie.

Johanna’s initial skepticism about owning a dog has turned into her sitting in the living room with Frank on her lap whispering in his ear, “Nobody loves you like I do,” so it’s safe to say he’s made quite an impression. He is small yet made entirely of muscle, which he will use to excitedly jump all over the place when you first arrive, and then collapse into an overheated heap in the exercise room while the family shouts, “He is overheating! Quick! Get him to some tile!” He is then placed on said cool tile and we wait while his batteries recharge, and then he comes barreling out of the room with his tongue stuck out again. Frank makes a constant audible noise while he breathes, and stares constantly into space. It’s like he can see into the Upside Down all the time or has been spending a lot of time on the road with the Grateful Dead. He is 100% malleable and uses 0% of his energy to do anything except overheat himself when you initially arrive, and occasionally chase balls. He owns his own Casper bed and enjoys eating ice chips from the fridge.

HOW CAN I SEE MORE OF THIS DOG, you might ask. Well, Frank has his own Instagram account where he’s actively trying to gain more followers so that he and Gary Fisher can become fast friends. I love Frank. And these people here love Frank. And so should you.

Team Emmerika. // At Home.

Erika and Emmanuel are like our celebrity clients. Most people who read our blog know who they are and frequently ask us about them like they’re unicorns, or pass along creepy compliments to them through us. Example: “That one couple is really cute. You know… the Emmerika couple. The guy has the dreadlocks? Yeah, they seem super cool.”… then they just leave it at that and I’m not sure what to say (besides the obvious which is yes, they are quite cool). Well now we’ll see where your loyalty truly lies because Emmanuel has since cut off his dreadlocks! BUT he gained a cool faux hawk… and a puppy. So I’m pretty sure the numbers are still well in their favor. Plus their house has a tree house in the backyard. Family facts:

Emmanuel: loves video games and pizza and not sleeping
Erika: loves baked goods and movies and kittens
Lobo[gray cat, not terribly pictured because…]: loves everybody leaving him the hell alone
Mango[calico cat]: love being derpy and chittering at birds and the bird-like toy
Habanero[tuxedo cat]: loves EVERYONE OMG PET ME RIGHT NOW
Bino[puppy]: loves chew toys made of gross parts of bulls that we won’t put in the blog or else our blog will start coming up for search results we do not want

Look at how cute they are.