Did I just tag this post as Raleigh Cat Photographer? I certainly did. I only get about one cat-centric shoot per year which is super disappointing so I need to try and up my numbers. I’m so glad that Amanda and David didn’t let me down in this regard. I photographed them a few years back in downtown Raleigh but their cats were not present, so this was our attempt to rectify the catless situation. Amanda and David are also expecting (!!) so having a shoot with their cats was a lovely way to commemorate their pre-baby family with the kitties. Gillian is the short-haired tabby, and Genevieve is the long-haired beige-orange cat. Despite Gillian often looking grumpy, she was absolutely THRILLED to be the center of attention and followed me around to meow at me and ask me constantly to get her toys down off the bookshelf. She only looked grumpy when she’d be picked up because that was the only moment when she wasn’t receiving treats or killing a toy wand. Genevieve, however, is afraid of strangers, so she wasn’t thrilled with my presence, but did start to think of me as a walking treat dispenser and eventually her attitude turned from “hiding constantly under the shelf” to “I will come to within 4 feet of you and wait for you to toss a treat in my direction.” It was progress. They are both extremely sweet girls and exceptionally cute. Amanda and David are also sweet and exceptionally cute, and I had the best time reuniting with them to talk about submersibles and camera gear and bird apps. I know their baby will be a cat-lover and I’m very excited for all of them.