Angel // A Senior Cat Session

I am so very lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph sweet Angel on December 2nd for some dear friends of ours. Angel belonged to our friend Annie’s grandmother (who you’ll see pictured in a old photograph here with Angel), and when she passed away, Angel went to live with Lois (Anne’s mom) and was frequently visited and cared for by Annie, her husband Michael, and their whole family. Angel was very much adored and lived a wonderful life. She was recently diagnosed with cancer in her jaw, and her family and veterinarian team took the best possible care of her. We thought she might have months, but it turned out to be just a few short weeks, and Angel unfortunately passed away shortly after we took these pictures. We’re so glad we got to photograph her for this family, who’s very close to our hearts, and so glad we got to pet and love on the amazing Angel. She was beautiful and spicy and enjoyed knocking things off bathroom sinks, playing with string, her New York Mets snowman, sitting in boxes and laundry baskets, watching birds, and picking on her dog brother Petey. She will be remembered fondly and dearly missed.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Corgis. Maybe it’s the stubby legs. Maybe it’s the stubby body. Maybe it’s the bat ears and the ridiculous smile they always seem to have plastered on their faces. I’m not sure, but I love them. So I was very, very excited to photograph two Corgis at the same time. Jami adopted Jack and Cory when she was living in Guam many years ago. Jack (black and white) could no longer be taken care of  by his family, and Cory (yellow) was in the very unfortunate situation of being involved in a dog fighting ring. Jami rescued them both, brought them back to the states, and they have been thankfully spoiled rotten ever since and are living very happy and full doggy lives. Unbelievably, Jack is 17 years old, and Cory is 9, but they’re super active and obviously super adorable. They love Jami very much, but Jack decided that his true love might actually be Geoff (who was coincidentally holding the treats). I couldn’t really get Geoff alone for enough time to devise a fool-proof plan to steal both of Jami’s dogs, so they did go home with her instead of us, but at least I have pictures.

Girl smiling with Corgis Corgi dogs Woman and Corgi Funny dog tags Dog licking his lips Girl walking with dogs Corgi smiling Corgi running in grass Corgi dog running in grass Corgi dog running in garden Dogs smiling Girl walking with dogs Dog getting belly rubs Corgi brother and sister Dogs playing together Girl walking Corgi dogs Woman walking dogs Corgi standing on hind legs Black and white Corgi and blonde Corgi Woman walking dogs Pet photography in Raleigh Woman playing with dogs Woman teaching dog tricks Dog giving high-five Dog licking owner's face Smiling dog with owner

What’s that? You can’t tell them apart? :)

Canela is 7 years old and has a slightly larger build and muzzle. He looks very much like an adorable fuzzy bear. He is suspected to be Layla’s uncle (Layla is 3 and looks much closer to the standard, traditional golden retriever without bear-relations). They like treats and belly rubs and chin rubs most of all. I was immediately greeted with kisses and licks when I met them at their door, and they proceeded to show me around their house while they went over their notes on how to look best for their pet portraits.

Now – I really and truly love them both (I had to slowly unhinge my jaw on the car ride home to get it functioning again after grinding my teeth the whole session because I was overcome by cuteness and spoke in a baby voice the entire time) …but Canela pretty much stole my heart not just because he looks like a little bear, but also because he is currently undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of his cancer. :( He is taking the chemo very well with little side effects other than he gets tired easily, and there is no prognosis yet on how he’ll fair, but he seems to be doing extraordinarily well and I’m sending all my thoughts and love for Canela to live many more happy doggy years.

Their parents are just as adorable and welcomed me into their home with open arms and a bag full of Guatemala coffee to take home to my parents (the coffee addicts). They met online with Ron living in Raleigh and Claudia living in Guatemala (born and raised). They were married 4 months later in 2005. Ron is now learning Spanish and Claudia checks his homework (although sometimes she grades it wrong). They are fantastic people and fantastic parents to these sweet little furry kids!