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The Fuller Kittens.

This is probably the cutest shoot I’ve ever done (no offense, past clients, but you just can’t compare to kittens, okay?). At one point I found myself in a bathroom upstairs with the parents of our previous wedding client Katie, two kittens, and a box turtle named Henrietta. That’s one of those points in your life where you ask yourself, “How did I get here?” It was awesome.

These are the Fuller kittens… furry children of Sue and Fred for Sue’s birthday and picked out by Katie, who is known in her family for picking out the best cats. They are a little over 11 weeks old. Arthur is orange and white. Lily is tortoise shell and white. They’re a brother and sister team of fuzzy goodness and insanity. Their current favorite toy is a stuffed buzzard and an actual rabbit’s ear which we all think is pretty gross but the kittens think it’s fantastic. They wrestle together and play together and sleep together and do everything together and make you want to go out and get kittens RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY.


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