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day 44/365: artspace wedding!

we’re almost there!

well, still several months away, but.

only a few major events left in the planning of our wedding at artspace later this year. went there today to scope out the amount of people we can actually sit in gallery 2 and how many tables, etc. will spill out into the gallery hall. found an awesome little window to hide the cake behind. still waiting to find out who the featured artist of the gallery will be during our wedding. they’re always super awesome though, so we’re not worried in the least. excited!

next step: shoes!

artspace raleigh nc

*taken with my droid. :) not bad! taken inspiration from “the best camera is the one that’s always with you.”

why 365?


    Nothing Dottie

    So, that was one of the places that Jon and I looked at!! (I loved it for art’s sake) It’s a beautiful venue!! That will be perfect for you and Geoff!

    Ooh, definitely check for shoes. They have an AMAZING selection. You can search by color. hehehe

      Nothing carolyn

      oh man, that’s perfect!! i haven’t found shoes yet, but i’m definitely going with a color and it’d be perfect to shop based on that! thank you!! you will be the first to know when i find shoes.


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