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winner of the end-of-summer contest!!

*note: there has been an adjustment since the first winner did not claim the prize. a second winner has been drawn!

i am pleased to announce the winner of the end-of-summer contest for a free session and 50 prints! thank you to everyone who entered! this was such an enjoyable experience for me and i really loved reading what you thought about the photographs. i hope to do more contests like this in the future, so please stay tuned!

and the winner is….. (drum roll, please!)


derica said, ” This is a hard choice! I love them all, but since I have to choose, I pick #2. It is a great shot of the groom and shows the romance & love their special day was filled with!”

on the second round of drawing a winner, i was going to be surprised if someone from the newsletter didn’t win since they have their chances doubled. sure enough, derica is on the newsletter list, so it just goes to show the advantages of getting put in the pot twice and signing up for the newsletter! :)

derica owns bon bini print and design and did our super fabulous halloween wedding invitations (will post some pictures of those later), and i’m sure we’ll have a great time coming up with a neat shoot!

thank you, everyone!

end-of-summer contest


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