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raleigh wedding photographer in fayetteville: valerie+kenneth.

AWESOME wedding for a gal who looooves color such as myself. had a tremendously difficult time narrowing this post down. valerie and kenneth have been together for 7 years when valerie’s best friend introduced her to kenneth while he was playing football for duke. they don’t golf, but had their wedding at gates four golf and country club in fayetteville, nc on august 21st, and it was a beautiful venue. golf courses make for stellar pics due to the grass and the couple picked beautiful blush, gray, and purple colors for their wedding on TOP of that, so i was pretty much in photographing heaven…not to mention that the couple themselves were both gorgeous people as well as incredibly nice. and without further ado… valerie and kenneth!

raleigh wedding photographer

the groomsmen were outrageously awesome. they were posing geniuses as well.

fayetteville groomsmen lace wedding dress blush bridesmaids bridal party

we took a lot of pictures before the ceremony. this saves tons of time! we busted out geoff’s old school left-handed golf clubs too. ;)

golf course wedding golf course wedding gates four country club wedding gates four country club wedding gates four country club wedding raleigh wedding ceremony wedding ceremony

this is what happens when you have a super cool, smooth-posing, cooperative bridal party. working with the bridal party is one of the most nervewracking parts of my day. mostly because it’s a large group of people to herd around and usually they’re super annoyed with you because it’s hot out and you’re the only thing standing between them and the alcohol and air conditioning. not these guys, though. all of them were SUPER nice and were all about taking more pictures. we got a ton of bridal party shots…all outrageously smoothly posed. you guys rocked this out, bridal party!

raleigh bridal party wedding golf course bridal party


raleigh wedding photographer bridal party


raleigh wedding photographer raleigh portrait photographer gates four golf and country club wedding rings

one of the coolest cakes i’ve ever seen. simple, but the flowered decoration was so unique and the colors were fantastic.

purple wedding cake dance floor raleigh wedding cake cutting photographer

adoooorable kids present at this wedding as well. this is kenneth’s daughter and valerie’s son, now siblings, and also the flower girl and ring bearer. they were rocking it out.

children dancing first dance pictures

hello super awesome LED room lights!

wedding reception lighting dance floor raleigh wedding reception

flower girl knew the words to ever song they played and danced like this the whole time. i was cracking up. prepare to see her on MTV in about 15 years.

flower girl groomsmen reception gates four country club silhouettes wedding reception night portraits night portraits last dance

i hope you love these pictures as much as i do, valerie and kenneth, because you’re about to be heavily used in some CSP advertising. your wedding rocked! congratulations!


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