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Happy 59th Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad’s 59th birthday! Avid reader of the Carolyn Scott Photography blog, I figured I’d write him up a little post. ;) I’ve found myself over the years turning more and more into my father. My family has always known about my dad’s list of strong dislikes such as:

– Shopping malls and large crowds

– Scented candle and/or perfume stores

– Desserts that are too sweet

When I was younger (a teenager especially), I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t like those things. Now I too avoid them like the plague. Unfortunately, I’ve also slowly inherited my father’s taste for really expensive hobbies. My dad’s been slowly accumulating a makeshift studio in my sister’s old room and collecting enough guitars for a small army. Now when I find myself needing a new lens or other piece of equipment, I curse my father’s genes that have a penchant for scouring the internet to figure out why expensive pieces of equipment you currently don’t have are better than the ones you currently do.  Thanks, Dad! ;)

Over the years I have always acquired my dad’s list of strong likes as well, such as:

– The beach

– Judging other peoples’ stereo systems and speakers

– NPR (when did this happen? I think starting to listen to NPR is the real sign that you’re officially an adult.)

You are the best! I hope you have a great 59th birthday. :) I’ll be bringing home your actual card and presents at the end of June! And I know you are working today, but hopefully you can spend your weekend like this! **

**Not meant to be sarcastic – I know you live in Western Pennsylvania and not at the beach, but maybe you can go fishing? :) You’ll be at the beach in August, yay!!


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