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This was my very first couple’s boudoir session. A few select anonymous pictures are posted below with permission of the couple. I chose to keep their faces out to respect their privacy. However, if you’re looking for a larger selection in preparation for possible doing your own boudoir shoot, please contact me and I’d be happy to arrange that.

Boudoir photography sessions can range from very mild and sweet to borderline scandalous, depending on which direction the couple or person is going. This might seem like it would be totally awkward for the couple/person and/or the photographer, but it’s really not… and we spent most of the time laughing hysterically.

Some people ask why women (or couples) would do a boudoir shoot. There are a couple different circumstances (e.g. as a gift for a military partner who is going overseas, as a gift for a partner for Valentine’s Day or a wedding present), but perhaps the biggest reason to do a boudoir shoot, in my opinion, is this:

You will quite possibly never look this good in your underwear again, so you might as well have someone document it.


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