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Portraits in Raleigh: Dana+Daniel+Midori+Hermine

I first met Dana and Daniel when I photographed their cat Hermine for a benefit I did early last year to raise money for Safe Haven for Cats, a no-kill shelter for cats in Raleigh. Dana was volunteering at Save Haven at the time and decided to have a session done of Hermine at their house. Hermine was really scared around new people and had a particular dislike for the camera, but was a beaaautiful kitty! Then this year I was contacted by Dana again, saying that her and Daniel and Hermine had welcomed in little Midori in June. :) I was so excited to meet her and to see the couple and their feisty cat again! Hermine apparently hasn’t been taking Midori’s entrance all that well… but actually she was quite less skittish this year than last (perhaps she’s gotten used to people coming and going and lots of noises from the baby). She still isn’t quite sure about Midori… and general avoids her, but Midori loves Hermine and is about to get to that crawling-and-tail-pulling age that I’m sure Hermine will appreciate. ;)

Dana and Daniel moved from Germany a while back and have jobs teaching psychology at NC State. They wanted a few pictures of Midori in her baby Santa dress(which is ADORABLE)! I asked if they had their tree up, but in Germany it isn’t custom to put their tree up until the night before Christmas, which I found very interesting! It must be nice to live somewhere where the Christmas decorations don’t start creeping in before Halloween. :P Enjoy the adorableness of this family!



    Nothing Mary Ann Durand

    this is such a beautiful family…even the kitty =) can that baby have a bigger smile?? i love it!!

    Nothing Bernadette

    Awww! Beautiful pictures, Carolyn!! I have to say though, the first thing I thought when I saw the title of this blog was, “Midori is Japanese for Green!” Um.. I’m a nerd. :)


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