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Hi, everyone!

I usually don’t do posts like this, but based on what happened last year and the amount of weddings we have this year, I know that I should. :D

I have gone through my schedule for the year and blocked off weddings and sessions and set aside time for editing, orders, rehearsal attendance, travel, etc. With all of that included, I have anywhere from about 1-3 slots left for portraits per month for the remainder of the year (except December, which is always open!). So if you’re thinking about booking portraits for sometime this year, I suggest doing it soon/now/ASAP! No amount of tears or begging can open up an extra slot, so planning is key here. :) I have very specific days open, so it would kind of be like setting up a doctor’s appointment. :)

If you are owed a session with your wedding package but have not scheduled it yet, you need to do so also as soon as possible. That takes slots away that could otherwise be gobbled up by other portrait people. :)

Portraits are taken on a first come, first serve basis. This means that you actually have to have the contract signed and back to me in order to be booked – sometimes multiple people request the same dates, or the same time frame, and only one of them can have it, so if you want it you must sign the contract. :) Unfortunately, inquiring doesn’t count. :( Please plan accordingly and as soon as possible. Thank you! :D

xoxo – Carolyn


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